Albion – smaller zones and more choke points

smaller zones and more choke points are needed if you want pvp to happen further from towns. I like in the trailer everybody matters, where the bandits are waiting on a bridge. How many actual zones in the game have those funneled/choke points for ambushing? Maps are too big and open.

Moongates – these were guarded to some extent, but for the most part were pvp havens. You could use them to get Albion Online Silver to further parts of the map quickly, but they were still far away from cities that you couldn’t just pop around all over the map, in albion if these were added it could solve the walking problem and also increase pvp in different areas of the map, if implemented correctly. IE: don’t put moongates near chest maps or castle maps.

I also think ading 5-6 more chests that spawn at the same time and every 1 hour would also create PvP hotspots. The last patch did this right now there just needs to be a bit more areas with chests so that guilds/players spread and compete for the content of those chests. I ve participated in a few of those battles and it can be great fun for small guilds and roaming groups.

Redisigning some maps so that there are 2-3 briges that have to crossed etc is also a good idea but would require a bit of work to redesign the zones. I think we will see it happen either shortly after launch or during the Beta.

It actually has sense. Black zone without cap, red and yellow capped will give a different kind of game play.

Ps: I would work on something like :

Yellow capped at 5.2
Red capped at 6.2

The territory gives some kind of reward in resource. You have to fight for AO Silver, not really for the gear.

In gvg there should always be the possibility to execute ppl. In yellow zones too.

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Riders of Icarus: I mean isent this just fuckt up

So i waited for Garme and the girl named Daveen, i dps Daveen and some Gurdian prick.
Taunted her and run away with her so she reseted, then some one else attacked Icarus Gold and got the agro and target.
And so on, then more ppl came to the channel and also started to attack her, and so he got the loot and not me.

I mean isent this just fuckt up? that ppl can ninja pull youre target?
and that you need like 10 ppl for garme and help from others to get down Daveen?
i mean sure you can kite her, but if she reset or some one did like that gurdian some one can take your place and get the loot and agro?
And not you! that attacked it from the start :S

So what do you guys believe about this?

I believe it´s just fuckt up, and also made a video when this happen.
So i gonna link it on youtube later on, and make i put it on this forum 2.

Anyway please leav comments and info, becuase i got fucked over with this mounts 2 times now.

And it´s really really starting to get very VERY anooying!

Anyway have a great day guys to Buy Riders of Icarus Gold, and please dont leav mean and stupid comments..

I understand your frustration but tasteless language is not needed to get anyone’s attention as is not permitted by Nexon policy or forums rules. Refrain from this on future occasions.

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Albion Reassignable Armour Stats

When looking at the updated amours and I thought we can add way more customization to the armour system by adding assignable points.

For example:
Lets say we are using a T4 base Adept’s Cleric Robe
This item has:
98 Armour
119 Magical Resistance
254 Max HitPoints
21 Max Energy

+45% Physical Attack Bonus
+45% Magic Attack Bonus
+45% Physical Ability Bonus
+45% Magic Ability Bonus
+2.5/s Hitpoint Regen
+0.32/s Energy Regen

And so on.

Now if you compare to the T4 base Adept’s Scholar Robe
107 Armour
130 Magical Resistance
254 Max HitPoints
21 Max Energy

+40% Physical Attack Bonus
+40% Magic Attack Bonus
+40% Physical Ability Bonus
+40% Magic Ability Bonus
+2.5/s Hitpoint Regen
+0.32/s Energy Regen

Maybe we could make it so they have 50 points to add to their  Albion Online Items (Which would increase as they get mastery on the items)
This would allow further customization and would allow people to better spec their armour to their build. Ultimately you would have a base item, but maybe we could use the increase item power as assignable stats.

For example:
Say I picked Adept’s Scholar Robe and I had 50 mastery points. it costs 5 mastery points per 1% of bonus for the 4 bonuses.
So I could convert 20 mastery points to make 4% and add it to Magic Ability Bonus cause I’m a fire mage.
Then with the remaining 30 mastery points I could increase my armour for 5 mastery points for 5 extra armour.

I think this could add another level to the AO Silver and could be used as a silver sink for people wanting to reforge gear to reassign these points.(Would put some more power back into the crafters hands)

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Albion Warbow or class with 3/4 escape skill can solo

I created this forum account just so I could make this post, because the recent patch created a big problem.

Players who wear Medium armor use it only for Cheap Albion Online Silver. I mainly play solo/duo because I hate zergs (they make the game unbalanced) but now (melee) solo players can’t play anymore. I leveled to 8.3 for nothing, because only Light and Heavy are worth playing since the patch.
We can’t Stealth + Mount anymore, so why should I even use Medium armor? For 40% snare and damage debuff? No, we play it so we can push the enemy to the back lane, kill them quickly and now we can’t escape?

So now if you want to play as a lone wolf you can only play with a Warbow? Wake up devs… if you are a melee player you need Invisibility + one Speed skill + helm Speed + Flee to have a chance at surviving vs a group?

If we can’t Stealth + Mount anymore we are forced to go Heavy or AO Silver Light – this patch ruined Medium armor for me and you will lose many players because of it.

although i use the medium chest for different reason than you do i am completely agreed. fucking dumb change and if it wasn’t an intended interaction it shouldve been changed three months back before people took that into consideration while deciding what they were going to spend the next three + weeks of ingame time wearing, because there is no way they didnt know it existed all this time.

Yes with a 5 sec invisibility … nothing is Same now Soloplayer + solobuild medium its finish loose 2 month for upgrade 8.3 and my build is totaly useless for open pvp ATM i can run only with Cheap Albion Online Gold

only Warbow or class with 3/4 escape skill can solo
They closed many Door’s on this Game in 1 blind Patch

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Albion Online: “old players” tell new players

Also- Nobody likes when “old players” tell new players they are not entitled of their opinion. Plus, who said I’m new? Cuz of the nr of my Albion Online Silver? I’m sorry I’m not a forum warrior like you m8. I prefer to.. play the game instead.

Anyway, on topic:
You say there’s plenty of pvp outside of blue portals. While I agree there’s pvp outside of blue portals, the issue is that once inside there’s no more risk.

a) Any “open world full loot pvp game except albion online” — Alliance/guild chat: 5 reds spotted in xxx area – (Field officers) Lets make party to kill them

b) Albion online — Alliance/guild chat: 5 reds spotted in xxx area outside of the dungeon – (Field officers) No point to do anything, by the time we get there, they will already be inside the portal.

You even go to a dungeon to pvp, you hear Albion Online Gold (someones killing mobs) but since there could be some respawns inbetween you, you know you won’t catch them before they go in the portal.

Also: If a big alliance/guild lives in a city adjacent to a zone with a blue portal and they most probably have a scout watching it 24/7, you think they are pvp-ing 90% of the time to go into the portal?

PS: There’s a saying “1 image/fact equals a thousand words” – Is the “open world” empty/dead…. or not? (while blue portals are always “busy”?) – Than on itself shows the risk/reward factor regarding blue portals and the consuquences to the open world.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to convince other people to actually want to do a blue dungeon ? It takes hours and hours of asking and hoping when someone says yes I’ll come he’s ready to go and doesn’t need two hours of prep to actually get to the albion online silver farming. Then if you are lucky enough to get a team together you still have to survive the trip to the blue portal. Usually there are at least two pvp groups in there waiting for the portal guys to arrive.

Then once in the portal you either have a good comp and finish it in 45 min, or you have a less then decent comp and spend over an hour there , most of the time someone comes out naked because of stupid mistakes and loss of concentration.

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Do you want to own more Albion Online account

I feel you should be able to have 2 toons yes but they should not be on at the same time. Because then I could just have a person grind a toon for me while I mess around and try to get Albion Online Silver of the game so then I can hop on the higher geared and farther progressed toon.

I agree that having a second account would seem okay to who wants one for scouting but also I feel this is a little upsetting too… If everyone is being so careful then what is the point of completely having open world pvp. I would rather log off. Log onto an alt toon. Then explore the road I need to go and see if its safe. But having 2 logged on at the same time… I feel that you could exploit a lot of what the game wants to be fair. Like leading yourself to a new city with all your items. Put them on a weak looking toon and follow with a more geared toon.

As just about everyone here has already pointed out, just using an IP address to detect multiple accounts is stupid because it gives many false positives. The Albion Online development team is not stupid. There are other ways of enforcing a single person playing on multiple accounts. Just look at what actions the player is doing. If multiple accounts are performing the same actions at the same time then you are dealing with a multi boxer to Buy Albion Online Silver. If there are multiple accounts coming from the same IP where there are NEVER actions happening at the same time then MAYBE you are dealing with a single person logged into 2 accounts. There are ways to get around being detected while logged in to 2 accounts at the same time but at least it catches the multi-boxers.

I think the real issue and worry isn’t so much that a player might multi-box but rather exploits that come with naked scouting. Example would be a player has two accounts, one which is the main and the other which they login with a naked character and have it stand idle at entrance points to provide scouting information to a guild.

I think something where a player is using a second account to trade founders equipment or other gear with themself is fine or logging in to check on their farm but using the above exploit is not cool, nor is running bots that can auto gather for you.

[Edit] Sadly, naked scouting cannot be completely stopped by the above anyways since if being logged in with two characters is illegal, a player could still have a member of their guild just run around as a naked scout.

Guys, average joe population with more devices in not going to make a dent to the economy (having a side crafter is a drop in the ocean in terms of advantage), and power users who are serious to mess things up will be untraceable. So why trying to enforce things that are going to contain 1% damage of those average joes who happen to have more than one computer? and with them mess up with all the possible permutations of even more standard usage situations? Two friends, the father and daughter, 5 students in the dorm, the internet cafe, and this and that. Would not be better if they concentrate of short term fixable-once-for-all issues and actual new systems and therefore more content?

You guys are worrying about the next door player who would have a small advantage with albion online gold market and forget about the billionaire who is playing the economy around him and keep you poor

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Competitive Ladder Rankings Leader boards

Hi, you may or may not implement this, this may also change some of your views or your focus, However!

:thumbsup: I cannot remember how many tireless sleepless nights to Buy Albion Online Silver, i have spent, trying to reach the top 10 ladder rankings in a game, epic duels, runescape, ESO, many many mmorpgs, incentive competitive ladder rankings, ranking or leaderboards, provide alot of incentive, everyone has their own reasons, for reaching the top, officially, i would like to think ^^ it gives alot of incentive to play competitively or to motivate people to keep pushing to be the strongest claymore wielder or some such

Im not asking to immediately do it or anything, focus on the core aspect of the game, but maybe take this into consideration

Im not sure how you would implement a competitive ladder rankings / leaderboards into this game, however, like for example people keep asking for Arenas and such, so you can do, 1v1 wins, daily, weekly, all time, 3v3, 5v5 and so on and so on, and then for a particular field. such as claymores, fame rankings, crafting, fame rankings, etc etc


For example, in ESO when you kill someone, kind of like fame, but its not Exp, you obtain alliance points, for your faction, and the higher faction points, I.E more kills, the higher faction points, and you are known as for example, the best assassin, the best knight, the best mage etc etc, or whoever has the most kills, what happens is, when you have the highest alliance points, after a big siege and some certain quest and mystical item retrievel, that person becomes the Emperor for the entire game faction, 3 factions in all Albion Online Silver sellers, and has slightly boosted stats, and leads the army and can take on more foes at once, Again, not asking for something like this, just providing ideas ^^

And thats perfect because in Albion we get Fame per kill, you can have rankings for that, increase fame for solo kills or kills with lower amount of people, but if alot of people kill the same unit, it reduces the fame gain, just as any other game would

Also i would like to note here that: almost every mmo has an arena of some sort

Another important extremely important note is that: (believe it or not or whatever) The Most Professional Gamers in the world, The Best gamers in the world, usually, will compete for, and will feature on safe albion online silver, in the top rankings, and appear on leaderboards of many games, this opens up a competitive side for Albion Online, with the great Direction, amazing battle, amazing skillful fighting, the develops, players and everyone is going for, competition in skill, becomes much much more luring and attractive for this game, because it has all the potential

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What do Albion beta means to you

Everyone should know beta means any work they put into it will be lost. The point of Beta is for players to test the game for the devs. This is usually a paid job but these clever bastards figured out a way to get players to pay them which is too funny to me. Anyways you shouldn’t expect to keep your hard work instead you should be playing then reporting back on what you LIKED and what you DISLIKED about the game so the devs can keep the good take out the bad to Buy Albion Online Gold. The Majority of dislike comments are supposed to be about bugs but people complain about everything which makes their jobs harder.

There is no perfect solution to make it so no one quits everyone wants something different you will figure this out when you have a wedding and pick chicken or fish and someone wants steak lol or you have chicken fish and steak and someone want tacos no matter what out of over 100 some people someone will want something else. I do not know the population base of this game but my guess is it’s over 100 people. so sorry to say but someone somewhere is going to be unhappy probably multiple people. The trick to businesses like this is 2 fold 1 find the majority of your player base 2nd compromise. you do want to keep as many people as you can happy to maximize your profits. don’t cater to the 2% cater to the 775% try to compromise with the 23% without driving away the 75%. Sounds hard because it is now good luck

I just am not sure I understand why a lot of you are advocating for a wipe atm.

No major changes have been implemented. So why wipe now, then when major changes happen you’ll be crying for another wipe or…

You think its going to put you on even footing with the help of Albion Online Silver. Sure maybe for a bit, but unless you grind for 15 hours a day you wont be at the top of the tier ladder either way. So it brings me right back to the same point. Leads the QQers to cry for another wipe again so this time they can get it right.

If you enjoy the game and are only concerned with playing then theres no reason for a wipe. I started two weeks ago tier 6.3 weapons, tier6 armor , blahblah and I feel like im catching up/progressing at a just fine rate.

No need for a wipe until changes have been made and the game is in the final direction before release.

Nubs dont hit 6.3 no problem, and if I didnt have extra shit to do at work this week I can guarantee you id be close to being able to wear enchanted gear. Just because I waited to hop in late doesn’t mean I don’t have high tier friends here. Ive also been following the game since release. Not a complete noob. But this is regardless.

Sure theres nothing to do but different facuets of PvP at a high tier, this game wont be released for atleast 6more months so with that being said in albion online gold market. Am I concerned with lack of end game content ATM? Not at all.

I do a lot of open world PvP. Ive been playing in only red zones + for over 50hours. Will my opinion change in another hundred hours?

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Do Blade And Soul Gold Buyers Get Banned

The question is concerned about by almost all Blade And Soul Gold buyers. It can not be answered simply “yes” or “no”, because NCSOFT did ban some accounts with large amounts of Gold on Sep. 28, 2015. The ban case has caused a wide range of discussion and got NCSOFT into much trouble. However, since then, NCSOFT never ban Blade And Soul Gold buyers in the past three months, in the meantime, NCSOFT is irregularly keeping ban of Gold farmers.

Currency is more important in Blade And Soul than in any other As you know, there is almost no Gold drop, and it is worthless if you sell materials and gears to vendors. Therefore, as an enterprising adventurer, it is necessary to buy Gold if you do not have time to farm materials by yourself. Actually, it is the same as any other

I have been playing games since 2014 and selling game currency since 2016, never heard players’ accounts got banned because they bought currency. For example, if NCSOFT bans Gold buyers, most of the players already got banned, for there are millions of players have been bought Gold, in this case the game BNS should have died already. For NCSOFT’s another game Blade And Soul, a player who talked about this ban case said that “I knew a number of people who bought Gold in Blade And Soul and never even received a warning about it unless they talked about it openly/bought very large quantities.”

Hundreds and thousands of Blade And Soul players have bought Blade And Soul Gold from our site since the first release of Blade And Soul in 2014, never heard any one of them got banned because they bought BNS Gold from us. Furthermore, millions of players have bought Blade And Soul Gold from innumerable other sites and players. If NCSOFT bans all of them, you can guess what will happen. So, I think the reason why NCSOFT banned some accounts with a large number of Gold before is because NCSOFT made a false judgement that they thought mistakenly those accounts as farmers. As stated above, in my opinion, Blade And Soul Gold buyers won’t get banned. Before you buy BNS Gold, the things you should concern about are to avoid buying Gold from scammers(players or sites), and if the seller has instant delivery. For more information about ban, visit at:

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Power to the new blade and soul players

Greeting players,
I am on mission to figure out how Blade and Soul operates in other versions.
While NcWest said they would make make changes to our monetization system, however other verison nonetheless have the same F2P model.

I am doing this to inform other players how other version operate and to give players the knowledge and power to hopefully make changes our region.
It is only together that our voices are too loud to ignore.

I encourage other players to play other versions such as Japan no only to see for themselves but to play the Soul fighter early!
Keep this thread clean, and follow the rules. Chances are NcWest will do their best to find a reason to remove this thread….>.>.. but doing so will only show players that NCWest doesn’t want players to be informed.

So here we go….day 1 in JP BNS!

The first thing that I see as an advantage in making an account in JP is that their security system for the account is much better. Instead of a custom PIN they give you a list of 32 combination of 4-digits, in a form of a security card

So, when you log in it ask you for a certain line of numbers. This system is way better because you’re not typing the same PIN each time you login. It’s one of 32 possible combination of 4-digits. Perhaps if NcWest had this system we would not have two rounds of compromised accounts.

They give you 3 character slots, and their lingerie looks better.

Daily Dash
There is only one item on the daily dash…..but its awesome.
The item is Hongmoon coins. On the first day I got 200 HM Coins with my one and only spin. But Premium members get 4.

Costumes in the HM Store:
Assuming you get the about 200 HM coin from the daily dash a day. You can get a costume from the store every 5 daily’s for 1,000 HM coin each.
The costumes include the silver dragon costume, you know the one we have to play 100$ for. Oh and the accessories from BloodShade Harbor are easy to get in the store.

Well that’s it for today Join for me for day 2 :D! Oh and japanese Jinsoyun has a sexier voice O_____O!

Day 2 of playing JP
Differences in transmutation: Not much difference but the ones that do have a chance of failure tell you. The jewel boxes do not fail in JP

The rewards for the survey are triple so far you get enough training jewels to upgrade your weapon initially.
The surveys are not really surveys but gives you in-game tips.
All the blue quest are voice acted which is very very nice.
The quest gives more blade and soul gold, still under lvl 10 but the some quest gives half a sliver.

JP is still getting lots of new players or alts. Stalker Jangashi gets kill very often. Only got my upgrade weapon after 8 essences ^^.

Planning to upload youtube videos of lvling a soulfighter and to show how the latency and optimization is in JP from playing on the west coast!

– See more at:

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