Competitive Ladder Rankings Leader boards

Hi, you may or may not implement this, this may also change some of your views or your focus, However!

:thumbsup: I cannot remember how many tireless sleepless nights to Buy Albion Online Silver, i have spent, trying to reach the top 10 ladder rankings in a game, epic duels, runescape, ESO, many many mmorpgs, incentive competitive ladder rankings, ranking or leaderboards, provide alot of incentive, everyone has their own reasons, for reaching the top, officially, i would like to think ^^ it gives alot of incentive to play competitively or to motivate people to keep pushing to be the strongest claymore wielder or some such

Im not asking to immediately do it or anything, focus on the core aspect of the game, but maybe take this into consideration

Im not sure how you would implement a competitive ladder rankings / leaderboards into this game, however, like for example people keep asking for Arenas and such, so you can do, 1v1 wins, daily, weekly, all time, 3v3, 5v5 and so on and so on, and then for a particular field. such as claymores, fame rankings, crafting, fame rankings, etc etc


For example, in ESO when you kill someone, kind of like fame, but its not Exp, you obtain alliance points, for your faction, and the higher faction points, I.E more kills, the higher faction points, and you are known as for example, the best assassin, the best knight, the best mage etc etc, or whoever has the most kills, what happens is, when you have the highest alliance points, after a big siege and some certain quest and mystical item retrievel, that person becomes the Emperor for the entire game faction, 3 factions in all Albion Online Silver sellers, and has slightly boosted stats, and leads the army and can take on more foes at once, Again, not asking for something like this, just providing ideas ^^

And thats perfect because in Albion we get Fame per kill, you can have rankings for that, increase fame for solo kills or kills with lower amount of people, but if alot of people kill the same unit, it reduces the fame gain, just as any other game would

Also i would like to note here that: almost every mmo has an arena of some sort

Another important extremely important note is that: (believe it or not or whatever) The Most Professional Gamers in the world, The Best gamers in the world, usually, will compete for, and will feature on safe albion online silver, in the top rankings, and appear on leaderboards of many games, this opens up a competitive side for Albion Online, with the great Direction, amazing battle, amazing skillful fighting, the develops, players and everyone is going for, competition in skill, becomes much much more luring and attractive for this game, because it has all the potential

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