Albion – smaller zones and more choke points

smaller zones and more choke points are needed if you want pvp to happen further from towns. I like in the trailer everybody matters, where the bandits are waiting on a bridge. How many actual zones in the game have those funneled/choke points for ambushing? Maps are too big and open.

Moongates – these were guarded to some extent, but for the most part were pvp havens. You could use them to get Albion Online Silver to further parts of the map quickly, but they were still far away from cities that you couldn’t just pop around all over the map, in albion if these were added it could solve the walking problem and also increase pvp in different areas of the map, if implemented correctly. IE: don’t put moongates near chest maps or castle maps.

I also think ading 5-6 more chests that spawn at the same time and every 1 hour would also create PvP hotspots. The last patch did this right now there just needs to be a bit more areas with chests so that guilds/players spread and compete for the content of those chests. I ve participated in a few of those battles and it can be great fun for small guilds and roaming groups.

Redisigning some maps so that there are 2-3 briges that have to crossed etc is also a good idea but would require a bit of work to redesign the zones. I think we will see it happen either shortly after launch or during the Beta.

It actually has sense. Black zone without cap, red and yellow capped will give a different kind of game play.

Ps: I would work on something like :

Yellow capped at 5.2
Red capped at 6.2

The territory gives some kind of reward in resource. You have to fight for AO Silver, not really for the gear.

In gvg there should always be the possibility to execute ppl. In yellow zones too.

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