What do Albion beta means to you

Everyone should know beta means any work they put into it will be lost. The point of Beta is for players to test the game for the devs. This is usually a paid job but these clever bastards figured out a way to get players to pay them which is too funny to me. Anyways you shouldn’t expect to keep your hard work instead you should be playing then reporting back on what you LIKED and what you DISLIKED about the game so the devs can keep the good take out the bad to Buy Albion Online Gold. The Majority of dislike comments are supposed to be about bugs but people complain about everything which makes their jobs harder.

There is no perfect solution to make it so no one quits everyone wants something different you will figure this out when you have a wedding and pick chicken or fish and someone wants steak lol or you have chicken fish and steak and someone want tacos no matter what out of over 100 some people someone will want something else. I do not know the population base of this game but my guess is it’s over 100 people. so sorry to say but someone somewhere is going to be unhappy probably multiple people. The trick to businesses like this is 2 fold 1 find the majority of your player base 2nd compromise. you do want to keep as many people as you can happy to maximize your profits. don’t cater to the 2% cater to the 775% try to compromise with the 23% without driving away the 75%. Sounds hard because it is now good luck

I just am not sure I understand why a lot of you are advocating for a wipe atm.

No major changes have been implemented. So why wipe now, then when major changes happen you’ll be crying for another wipe or…

You think its going to put you on even footing with the help of Albion Online Silver. Sure maybe for a bit, but unless you grind for 15 hours a day you wont be at the top of the tier ladder either way. So it brings me right back to the same point. Leads the QQers to cry for another wipe again so this time they can get it right.

If you enjoy the game and are only concerned with playing then theres no reason for a wipe. I started two weeks ago tier 6.3 weapons, tier6 armor , blahblah and I feel like im catching up/progressing at a just fine rate.

No need for a wipe until changes have been made and the game is in the final direction before release.

Nubs dont hit 6.3 no problem, and if I didnt have extra shit to do at work this week I can guarantee you id be close to being able to wear enchanted gear. Just because I waited to hop in late doesn’t mean I don’t have high tier friends here. Ive also been following the game since release. Not a complete noob. But this is regardless.

Sure theres nothing to do but different facuets of PvP at a high tier, this game wont be released for atleast 6more months so with that being said in albion online gold market. Am I concerned with lack of end game content ATM? Not at all.

I do a lot of open world PvP. Ive been playing in only red zones + for over 50hours. Will my opinion change in another hundred hours?

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