Riders of Icarus: I mean isent this just fuckt up

So i waited for Garme and the girl named Daveen, i dps Daveen and some Gurdian prick.
Taunted her and run away with her so she reseted, then some one else attacked Icarus Gold and got the agro and target.
And so on, then more ppl came to the channel and also started to attack her, and so he got the loot and not me.

I mean isent this just fuckt up? that ppl can ninja pull youre target?
and that you need like 10 ppl for garme and help from others to get down Daveen?
i mean sure you can kite her, but if she reset or some one did like that gurdian some one can take your place and get the loot and agro?
And not you! that attacked it from the start :S

So what do you guys believe about this?

I believe it´s just fuckt up, and also made a video when this happen.
So i gonna link it on youtube later on, and make i put it on this forum 2.

Anyway please leav comments and info, becuase i got fucked over with this mounts 2 times now.

And it´s really really starting to get very VERY anooying!

Anyway have a great day guys to Buy Riders of Icarus Gold, and please dont leav mean and stupid comments..

I understand your frustration but tasteless language is not needed to get anyone’s attention as is not permitted by Nexon policy or forums rules. Refrain from this on future occasions.

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