Albion Warbow or class with 3/4 escape skill can solo

I created this forum account just so I could make this post, because the recent patch created a big problem.

Players who wear Medium armor use it only for Cheap Albion Online Silver. I mainly play solo/duo because I hate zergs (they make the game unbalanced) but now (melee) solo players can’t play anymore. I leveled to 8.3 for nothing, because only Light and Heavy are worth playing since the patch.
We can’t Stealth + Mount anymore, so why should I even use Medium armor? For 40% snare and damage debuff? No, we play it so we can push the enemy to the back lane, kill them quickly and now we can’t escape?

So now if you want to play as a lone wolf you can only play with a Warbow? Wake up devs… if you are a melee player you need Invisibility + one Speed skill + helm Speed + Flee to have a chance at surviving vs a group?

If we can’t Stealth + Mount anymore we are forced to go Heavy or AO Silver Light – this patch ruined Medium armor for me and you will lose many players because of it.

although i use the medium chest for different reason than you do i am completely agreed. fucking dumb change and if it wasn’t an intended interaction it shouldve been changed three months back before people took that into consideration while deciding what they were going to spend the next three + weeks of ingame time wearing, because there is no way they didnt know it existed all this time.

Yes with a 5 sec invisibility … nothing is Same now Soloplayer + solobuild medium its finish loose 2 month for upgrade 8.3 and my build is totaly useless for open pvp ATM i can run only with Cheap Albion Online Gold

only Warbow or class with 3/4 escape skill can solo
They closed many Door’s on this Game in 1 blind Patch

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