Albion Online: “old players” tell new players

Also- Nobody likes when “old players” tell new players they are not entitled of their opinion. Plus, who said I’m new? Cuz of the nr of my Albion Online Silver? I’m sorry I’m not a forum warrior like you m8. I prefer to.. play the game instead.

Anyway, on topic:
You say there’s plenty of pvp outside of blue portals. While I agree there’s pvp outside of blue portals, the issue is that once inside there’s no more risk.

a) Any “open world full loot pvp game except albion online” — Alliance/guild chat: 5 reds spotted in xxx area – (Field officers) Lets make party to kill them

b) Albion online — Alliance/guild chat: 5 reds spotted in xxx area outside of the dungeon – (Field officers) No point to do anything, by the time we get there, they will already be inside the portal.

You even go to a dungeon to pvp, you hear Albion Online Gold (someones killing mobs) but since there could be some respawns inbetween you, you know you won’t catch them before they go in the portal.

Also: If a big alliance/guild lives in a city adjacent to a zone with a blue portal and they most probably have a scout watching it 24/7, you think they are pvp-ing 90% of the time to go into the portal?

PS: There’s a saying “1 image/fact equals a thousand words” – Is the “open world” empty/dead…. or not? (while blue portals are always “busy”?) – Than on itself shows the risk/reward factor regarding blue portals and the consuquences to the open world.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to convince other people to actually want to do a blue dungeon ? It takes hours and hours of asking and hoping when someone says yes I’ll come he’s ready to go and doesn’t need two hours of prep to actually get to the albion online silver farming. Then if you are lucky enough to get a team together you still have to survive the trip to the blue portal. Usually there are at least two pvp groups in there waiting for the portal guys to arrive.

Then once in the portal you either have a good comp and finish it in 45 min, or you have a less then decent comp and spend over an hour there , most of the time someone comes out naked because of stupid mistakes and loss of concentration.

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