Do Blade And Soul Gold Buyers Get Banned

The question is concerned about by almost all Blade And Soul Gold buyers. It can not be answered simply “yes” or “no”, because NCSOFT did ban some accounts with large amounts of Gold on Sep. 28, 2015. The ban case has caused a wide range of discussion and got NCSOFT into much trouble. However, since then, NCSOFT never ban Blade And Soul Gold buyers in the past three months, in the meantime, NCSOFT is irregularly keeping ban of Gold farmers.

Currency is more important in Blade And Soul than in any other As you know, there is almost no Gold drop, and it is worthless if you sell materials and gears to vendors. Therefore, as an enterprising adventurer, it is necessary to buy Gold if you do not have time to farm materials by yourself. Actually, it is the same as any other

I have been playing games since 2014 and selling game currency since 2016, never heard players’ accounts got banned because they bought currency. For example, if NCSOFT bans Gold buyers, most of the players already got banned, for there are millions of players have been bought Gold, in this case the game BNS should have died already. For NCSOFT’s another game Blade And Soul, a player who talked about this ban case said that “I knew a number of people who bought Gold in Blade And Soul and never even received a warning about it unless they talked about it openly/bought very large quantities.”

Hundreds and thousands of Blade And Soul players have bought Blade And Soul Gold from our site since the first release of Blade And Soul in 2014, never heard any one of them got banned because they bought BNS Gold from us. Furthermore, millions of players have bought Blade And Soul Gold from innumerable other sites and players. If NCSOFT bans all of them, you can guess what will happen. So, I think the reason why NCSOFT banned some accounts with a large number of Gold before is because NCSOFT made a false judgement that they thought mistakenly those accounts as farmers. As stated above, in my opinion, Blade And Soul Gold buyers won’t get banned. Before you buy BNS Gold, the things you should concern about are to avoid buying Gold from scammers(players or sites), and if the seller has instant delivery. For more information about ban, visit at:

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Power to the new blade and soul players

Greeting players,
I am on mission to figure out how Blade and Soul operates in other versions.
While NcWest said they would make make changes to our monetization system, however other verison nonetheless have the same F2P model.

I am doing this to inform other players how other version operate and to give players the knowledge and power to hopefully make changes our region.
It is only together that our voices are too loud to ignore.

I encourage other players to play other versions such as Japan no only to see for themselves but to play the Soul fighter early!
Keep this thread clean, and follow the rules. Chances are NcWest will do their best to find a reason to remove this thread….>.>.. but doing so will only show players that NCWest doesn’t want players to be informed.

So here we go….day 1 in JP BNS!

The first thing that I see as an advantage in making an account in JP is that their security system for the account is much better. Instead of a custom PIN they give you a list of 32 combination of 4-digits, in a form of a security card

So, when you log in it ask you for a certain line of numbers. This system is way better because you’re not typing the same PIN each time you login. It’s one of 32 possible combination of 4-digits. Perhaps if NcWest had this system we would not have two rounds of compromised accounts.

They give you 3 character slots, and their lingerie looks better.

Daily Dash
There is only one item on the daily dash…..but its awesome.
The item is Hongmoon coins. On the first day I got 200 HM Coins with my one and only spin. But Premium members get 4.

Costumes in the HM Store:
Assuming you get the about 200 HM coin from the daily dash a day. You can get a costume from the store every 5 daily’s for 1,000 HM coin each.
The costumes include the silver dragon costume, you know the one we have to play 100$ for. Oh and the accessories from BloodShade Harbor are easy to get in the store.

Well that’s it for today Join for me for day 2 :D! Oh and japanese Jinsoyun has a sexier voice O_____O!

Day 2 of playing JP
Differences in transmutation: Not much difference but the ones that do have a chance of failure tell you. The jewel boxes do not fail in JP

The rewards for the survey are triple so far you get enough training jewels to upgrade your weapon initially.
The surveys are not really surveys but gives you in-game tips.
All the blue quest are voice acted which is very very nice.
The quest gives more blade and soul gold, still under lvl 10 but the some quest gives half a sliver.

JP is still getting lots of new players or alts. Stalker Jangashi gets kill very often. Only got my upgrade weapon after 8 essences ^^.

Planning to upload youtube videos of lvling a soulfighter and to show how the latency and optimization is in JP from playing on the west coast!

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The Blade And Soul in My Eye

Since when one server become one sided is fault of NC West ? Just because don’t have more channels ?

I came from a NCSoft Game called Lineage 2 one of the game with more hardcore and open world pvp oriented content, there clans fight for epic raid bosses that could sell for IRL money for thousands of BNS Gold (Valakas Necklace for example, not only this but also fight for hero status (that give money and power) castles and so on).

In Lineage 2 you know how many channels there was? just 1 if you wanted 1 spot to farm you had to fight for it and not “just change channel” carebear style (or go hide inside an instanced dungeon).

Is not fault of NCWest you are locked out of Misty Woods, is not their job put more channels just because of it.

The solution for this problem and for make the game more fun and with at least some open world pvp is the same it was in Lineage: us PLAYERS as community split sides and make the server full of fun open world pvp, just like many times you could see in Lineage2.

In Lineage2 ofc many times ended up one clan making alliances and zerging other side for can control the server and make profit, BUT also many times when the game/server become dead or not fun people start split alliances/clans for have some competition and Blade And Soul Gold. that is the solution and not put more channels so you can just farm in peace.

You should be happy in have “only” 3 channels, it’s our fault if server become one sided not NC West.

Even if we can find any reason that make it a problem of NCWest, honestly NCWest have much bigger problems to take care of first. And personally I am against any kind of decision that kill open world pvp, one thing this game lacks a lot already.

In Lineage 2 depending in the political situations of server you could be locked out an epic raid boss that droped a Jewellery that worth thousands of dollars for months or even 1 year+( or locked out the best xp spots, or hero status, or R4PG BNS Gold). When people was not happy about it they not go to NCSoft asking for more channels, more closed dungeons(there was not even 1 closed dungeon in game in the 4+ years I played it), more hero spots or more castles, you know what they did ? fight for it.

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Blade And Soul Dungeons issues need to be fixed

Currently, I’ve noticed there is a level of fair game play. Then, there is a level of people who don’t desire to play. Three things I would like to discuss, the three levels of players, because I won’t reference to them often. Then, I will simply subjectively ask the community how they feel in their own methods to detail what they see in a game for pay to win.

First type of player..I think these are known as P2W. To simply reference these terms, I’m going to simply say..Can make your life hard, I do like the idea of being able to make this optional. However, for instance..Say a pay to win player, or person is trolling the group by slowing you down. I had a similar experience, in Tomb of Exiles, because a 49 rolled on something for 1g I could use as an upgrade for an evolving weapon at the end. The RNG it takes, needs to be lowered on a select lump some of bosses. I noticed, if it can be used for upgrades, or stupid people who pay to win anything? Yeah, make an abundance of it, but don’t complain even if you do something stupid? Quite so, I mean what’s a player based system to not involve learning how to engulf people in flames. Not like I’m going to lose the firestarter achievement. Then, wind up in the same guild? That became a new guild meme on my old name..Burnsthings, when he was just a troll not to have a blade dancer? Then, seconds after..Someone just needs more money. However, It’s not like we all don’t..You don’t have it, tough, and sucks to be you. There are ways, but limits economically in a game as well. These are known among the player based systems. For the player, to not aggravate others, but not make life hard just because you’re a slow learner at a higher level. When people post things on a marketplace seconds after you could have used it.

Second type of player New players, and Bots..I figure there are people that would like me just to summarize these types of individuals. Sometimes, there is a big difference between new gamers to the community, also bots in general aspects. However, the main subject here is bots in all aspects out categorizing the player for a good challenge. While, blade & soul may have 1 million people joining the community. New players are most welcome on a venture to learn, and not assume to be trolled like any question would be a dumb one. However, there are some dumb questions. I may assume, are way too dumb if not able to have the first type of player troll them. I learned from many mmorpgs one really open tactic. Some fights, not saying all can be done with low AP. However, let me give an example of NP-New players. To shorten this, as a brighter future than a bot will make lives hellish. I simply reference to bots often, among players like one who can be a player. However, opt out while at work of playing..Due to how time consuming mmorpgs are, but really that takes a lot of fun out of playing itself. So, it is deemed cheating, by a rule of fair gameplay, and not organized like we can gain levels while being..Not present, or as most gamers would call it? AFK, the noobish way in my views is to bot. A game, is more staying alive, but damage is equivalent to how much. Not just, how long you’re alive at all for. So, much can be said about AP, but as you might simply call it ATKP-Attack Power..To at least make a bit more sense of the full terminology. AP, is just easier, but I would joke to say what noobs do while streaming in a shower. I’m sorry, Access pass required for that information. While these two players are more a good laugh, but a trying hard type to get upon the P2W-Pay to win level, I think the paying players know that there are two ways to earn brownie points. When, you are waiting at a boss, but unlike the first person I burned a bit too fast? I admit it, I pulled at the end of tomb of exiles..Yet, got the firecracker moment there..Achievement, all in one dose of my own medication. So, it was well earned, but I think the joke was on me anyway. The dead two people behind me, and group still had a damn good laugh that I ended up in a guild with that KFM. Kiss Fail Meat, I figured he was that type..However, I can say this much..Some people, are just too impatient, because they’ve been there all day just for a few slackers. These define both P2W, NP, and Bots. Otherwise, just call yourselves trolls over a faster run. It goes just as fast, as you make it go, but you all knew that was coming.

Now, I just see these three people a shorter version to lump the last, two people into one paragraph, or more.. To save an extended talk, also a hope that the cheaters in Soul Stone Planes will be fixed..If they’re not already able to teleport, lag issues are not as bad, but that’s mainly the distance over VOIP, and other things to do with Windows 10. There are ways to chop a lot of your services down, because currently Windows 10..Would be better off eating my backburner. I’m sorry, that I even upgraded..So, I’m going back to windows 7 quite soon. Have a great day everyone..I hope we get a more evenly based player system, and reminds me before I go. The bots post in the dungeon cube too, because they spam blade and soul gold selling from companies. I avoid those like the plague, but would like it very much to keep these people off my stream. Cleaner, Faction chats, less trolls, also more topics about the game suit helping the people who are not all able to become a part of something bigger? Get there..Take care, that’s progression, also my views to help all players avoid trolling. A good player, produces a nice burn-burn..Then walks away trying to bite his tongue in pvp. I try sometimes, but holy..*Beep* I hate being a Popsicle to my girl friend. She would lick me like taking candy, because from some baby that’s easy till they cry just to have it back. Well, not going to happen in this community..

Rare items + Drop rate = price by how it may influence the community as necessary it will become to obtain that item. To have such an impact on selling of bns gold, people paying outside sources. Hence, which I don’t support..However, cheating isn’t obviously being well monitored by enough to not get players who just afk in pvp. Let alone report them, what does that do, because will they ever get banned permanently? It potentially ruins a game, when natural select few abuse it, but more the company will either decide to finally enforce these laws late. Hence, less profit..Until then regardless, but no gain of positive community members. So, good outlooks solve a lot of things, and people who actually want something done about it.

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Made a tread warning everyone about blade and soul content

Alright, I made a tread warning everyone about its content, about stuff everyone would find weird to talk about, and I clearly remember putting in it the words ”I have nothing against anyone, this is a social experiment, don’t take it serious”

Thats what it said plus weird content that’s why you will see a lot of answers of mad/negative repplies, to see if someone would answer nice to it, but as you see, people can’t even repply properly to something. Then I changed the topic name and content saying the truth, showing the results of the social experiment, after it I started receiving more negative repplies, now they started saying I feel bad and sad so I changed the topic because nobody agreed with my ideas. Lol.

Since this is generating a drama, some people took it serious enough to send me private messages of hate and saying I am a chicken lier etc and I will be banned, I type this last edited post, just to let you weird people know, if you want to report for something that didn’t even have a bad purpose of, I didn’t even offend anyone, yet you come here swearing with your repplies and using dirty words, and trying to offend me, go ahead, I really don’t take this so serious. But after all it’s so sad to see the behaivor of the community, not everyone, but a big part of it, is like that. Negativeness.

You make your own conclusions and avoid changing your mind even if you’re doing something wrong. Most of the repplies and private messages impressed me, you used dirty words that didn’t even make sense just to insult, I won’t say anything than, guys, you really have problems.

So, if you want to keep repplying go ahead, I just am a bit tired of dealing with people like that, it’s nice to see people with different repplies, but right now, there’s the same people insisting and sending me messages, you annoyed me and im not trying to insult or be rude but.. no one can deal with you if you behave like that

”treat others like you’d like to be treaten, and be nice, no need to bull, even if somehow a person has been bullied in the past, there’s no reason to repeat this process over and over, so be nice”

You see what I talk about? first answer a guy swearing dressing a doll. You get my point now? if you read properly I didn’t say ”I hate men who make girl chars”

I hate men who make girl chars and act like that nice head guy of the first answer, mad ragging insulting all in one, because you have such a pretty char in a very pretty game yet you act like that?

– Regarding the bullying part you might read it wrong, what I mean is that ive meet a lot of people acting like that because they told me in the past they were somehow bullied and so theyre doing the same to others, and what I want is it to stop there’s no need to bull

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Instead of using the blade and soul OFC option checkbox

Optimize for combat (OFC) its a great option or rather idea that Blade and Soul has except for melees and tanks like me.You know the ppl that have to rely more heavily on iframes or running to get the hell out of huge AoEs its REALLY poorly done with BNS Gold. An example of this is Mak Sobo in 24man or worse 4 man East Fleet Supply Chain all of his AoEs are practically invisible with OFC enabled and frankly its frustrating you can’t see most of his abilities because of this issue and as such you get hit for 20k+ hp seemly at random. I know some ppl are gonna say well just play with higher graphical settings and problem solved but the whole point of OFC is to adjust setting automatically as you play but you cant have it making skills invisible, it defeats the point.

The 2nd issue is the Ctrl+F or hide characters, it kind of works but needs work it seems that Warlock abilities and basically anything with a sword (LBD/BM) doesnt care that you dont wanna see them and their skill effects still apply making it hard to see the boss’s animations and when he’s about to open a can of whoop ass on you especially in 4 man instances it becomes a serious problem to get Cheap BNS Gold. I’m a KFM tank main so these things are actually pretty important to me and honestly the class is hard enough to play with 70~ ping without stuff like this making it all the more “rewarding”.

Thanks for your time reading this post and if you agree comment or something and get the devs to respond and do something about this!

Instead of using the OFC option checkbox, I looked at the sliders that it changes when you check the option to Buy Blade And Soul Gold, and changed them manually. This didn’t help the fps drops and skill effects issue much.

There’s another setting that helped me out a lot though.
Graphics -> Advanced settings -> Effects view distance. When I set this to 1, I noticed a considerable improvement in fps (~6-7 at BW, ~10-15 elsewhere). Give it a shot, and hope it helps.

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To get past Blight you need to win a double RNG in BnS

To get past Blight you need to win a double RNG on the golden Deva. First you need to wait forever for the stupid Deva to spawn, then you need a lucky roll on the stupid wheel to get a weapon box not the pointless crap. Then it has to unlock the weapon for your class. Do the process enough time, while not getting much in the way of BNS Gold and XP, and not getting your weapon, you’d want to say to hell with it.

Not everyone gets a regional key in the surveys (I don’t know if it is a bug).

For my first character I bought one viridian, one cinderlands keys by NC coins, because I was trying to level to 45 in those 3 weeks we had for the event. I used the viridian one so I don’t have to rerun the ToE million times, and the cinderland one on the Golden Deva.

But, I was stuck for quite a while in the middle of the infernal at a levle 45, because it took me 28 tries to unlock Hujikar’s weapon. I did get the Moonwater key in the survey, so I used it on the another wheel, the Profane one in that horrible Necropolis.

So, your player most likely was locked out of progression by a case of F*ck you, RNG. Or, he might be trying to raise Blade & Soul Gold to buy a regional key that at 7 or 12 gold (I can’t remember) is beyond being affordable for most level 45-50s.

Today I was logged in doing my thing practicing and what not. So I thought I’d take a smack at good ol’ lobster looking RNGlord for the sake of it. There was a level 40 person trying to kill it and wasn’t successful. I assumed the person didn’t know the mechanics. That’s not what bothered me though…… What bothered me was the fact the person was still using Blight gear!!!!! And the person was using the Lycan soul Shield which imo isn’t that great. I could understand if somebody was in the process of upgrading stuff to Siren level and beyond. I don’t see a logical reason as to why a person would still be using Blight gear at level 40. Upgrading to Infernal gear is not difficult, just a bit on the time consuming side if anything. Am I hypocrite for thinking like this ,and does this show some form of a double standard?

I dont think so, hell when i was a lowbie and had bad gear i didnt even went to high level dungeons to get a free carry cuz i know that i would be useless and waste time of others.

I always try to upgrade my gear to a decent level and try to join the PUG’s (Yeah i dont have friends to do content with BNS Power leveling) but sometimes i see people like going to Yeti with Skypetal Weapon… Infernal Accesories. Im not an elitist but for effin sake theese people should have some self respect and think before queuing.

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How Do You Feel About BnS Community

It seems F8…or whatever the hell the cross server one is the source of a lot of problems. I mean let’s be honest. A person has a lot less risk messing with cross-server people since the chances of meeting them on the actual server is like ZERO. Now if everything was done within the server, the person would actually need to have their crap together some BNS Gold. Otherwise word spread, especially if it’s a smaller server, and before they know it everybody knows not to fuck with that person. Maybe I’m trolling myself and that would never happen anyway, but hey a mofo can dream right -,-‘.

-That moment when you thought you knew everything about a situation..but then a party member in 24 man E.Fleet Supply lays a bomb on you. They tell you Poharan is actually a guy. At that time my mind was fucked, but I found out later I had been a victim of trolling :(.

-I don’t think the entire BnS community is bad. What I think would be cool is if for a fee NCWest/NCSoft/TheCareBearNationOfUnitedPaws would allow people to transfer their character(s) to a different server on the same side. I was with an Assassin yesterday and they had to start up a new character on a different server since the recruiting wasn’t on the same server as their BNS Items. Also, would be cool to put most of the toxic people on their own servers so they can just devour each other and let the civil people continue to do things as normal. I think that’s fair right????

-I think some of the dungeon problems could get offset some if there was some means of a base gear requirement. I mean hell there is a level recommendation level, so I don’t see why a gear one would be that bad either.

NC SOFT: For the love of Malboro’s Bad Breath could NA/EU please get that optimization patch?? When there’s not a lot of people on my FPS open world stays in the 50s, unless there is a lot of stuff going on. When there’s a lot of people on though……man…..that FPS acts bi-polar. It’s not fun having 50 FPS one minute, and then like 15 the next. Also I get you all want to get NA/EU caught up to Korea, but slow down. We have lives too much R4PG BNS Gold. Focus more on the core problems first please. You will make lots of money if you do that. The cosmetics are addicting, and they sell like pancakes. Pancakes are better than waffles so deal with it. Thank you.

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New Blade And Soul player incoming

I was wondering if anyone would have tips for a new player like which class is best for PvE or PvP, anything I should focus on early levels, etc.

Going to assume you will be F2P player for now at least.

Sigh where to begin, there are a crapton of tips I can give to make your new in-game life a smoother ride.

All classes are fit for both PVE and PVP, some may have better tools in certain situations, some may have more aoe abilities, some may have more multi or single target dps cycles and some may be more flashy than others. But when it comes down to it, you should find a class that’s best for you on your own. I’d suggest looking at class videos as making/deleting character is a pain right now if you don’t like a certain class.

Focus on leveling for now, do all the quests you come across and any dailies in the area for fast leveling. You will find that you’ll be very short on inventory space in the beginning and it won’t get much better without spending some $$$ for Dragon Pouches in the cash shop. Only advice I can give you is don’t dwell on the loose soul shields you get, sell/disenchant them as soon as you get them to save space. Also use the abundance of weapons you get while leveling to enchant your hongmoon weapon once you get it. When in town find the vaultkeeper and use the secondary tab to keep stackable items in there and everything else in the primary tab.

The first wheel of fortune you come across will have some goodies in there, namely your temporary solid soul shield and weapon breakthrough fodder from the weapon chest. I can’t remember if the weapons are tradable or not but if they aren’t you will have to spend some keys to try and RNG your way through it. And after you get it hold on to it until you can use it for breakthrough for your hongmoon weapon. Don’t bother enchanting soul shield until you get the final ones in end-game, it’s a waste of Blade & Soul Gold and time. Although some lesser soul shields will cost nothing to enchant then by all means go for it.

Surveys, they will give you these gems that you can use to enchant your equipment. Do NOT use them right away as it is wasted potential. Once you upgraded your weapon the first time or second time check and see if using the gem gives near 100% exp so you know you’re getting the most out of it. And always always pay attention to the cost of enchanting as certain weapons/accessories you use to enchant with will cost more than others later on.

Your first heroic dungeon: Blackram Narrows will be around lv 20 ish, here you will find the next breakthrough fodder for your weapon and your accessories. Do NOT bid over 15 copper for these as you have a good chance to get them from the daily box from beating the dungeon. Even though they make good enchant fodder early on. Same goes for blight fangs you won’t need more than you’ll get from the quests until later on when you have more Blade And Soul Gold to bid with.

The game is good even for F2P peeps. The only real benefits of getting a subscription is if you don’t want to wait in queue for a long time; varies by time of day and what day. There are no items in the NCoin store that gives you stat boosts that puts you in an advantage against another player, especially in PvP. It’s almost all cosmetic and how you want your character to look.

It’s ok to go with a newer server. It will give you better queue times and whenever you want to PvP or do dungeons, there are cross-server matching options which let you play with people from other servers.

Follow these steps and you should have a very easy time early game, after that you’ll know what to do.

– See more at:

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BnS has an insane amount of incredible costumes

This has been tremendously frustrating for me since the beginning. BnS has an insane amount of incredible costumes. And one of BnS’s major selling points is cosmetics. Having 4+ years worth of costume content given to us in (very) tiny little spurts every two weeks or so is upsetting. There should be more costumes added to the rotation and to the store itself.

This business tactic actually has the opposite effect on me. There are a plenty of costumes that I’m looking forward to. And at this rate, who knows when we will get them. Could be months, or over a year??? Since release, we’ve only gotten 2 of them….
One costume in particular is from the very beginning of the game, and we still don’t have it yet!

The rotations have left me disappointed most of the time. And it’s only 2 costumes. 2 weeks is a long time to wait for 2 costumes…out of 100+. And that 2 weeks can easily become months before they release something you really like to Buy BNS Gold. So instead of comfortably spending money on extra costumes, I keep saving and saving and saving for when they release the costumes I want the most.

If I knew there were more coming each time, I would feel more comfortable spending on more costumes because I have more options. More costumes = wider range of tastes as well.

For example: One rotation they put out that basic suit/maid costume and an ugly toga-looking thing. We all know that rotation was meant for the people who want to run around in a maid costume. So what about people who wanted a cool or elegant costume? There are tons! So all those people have to now wait 4 weeks in hopes for a cool costume….only to be given a hoodie (or another modern type clothing item)! And now they have to wait 6 weeks. This is the type of situation that results from this, and this is why people feel like they’re holding back so much from us.

There definitely need to be both. Rotations are good, as long as enough people like what’s in the rotation enough to care if the costumes come back or not. But 2 costumes definitely is way too few. More costumes added to the rotations + a major store update every couple months would be perfect. Otherwise how will we EVER get anywhere close to catching up? By the time we get all the costumes up to 2.0, there will be another hundred new costumes made.

After about 4 months since release, they added 3 new costumes to the store. I wouldn’t call that a major update considering how many costumes we’ve never even seen yet lol

And the rotation is still the same; 2 costumes.

– See more at:

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