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Albion Online, also known as AO, is a medieval fantasy MMORPG being developed by Sandbox Interactive, a studio based in Berlin, Germany. Players can currently purchase “Founder’s Packs” which grant access to the closed beta play-tests which have been run intermittently by Sandbox Interactive, typically after an interval of a few months of development. Since the 30th of December, Albion Online removed its free-to-play model for various reasons.

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AlbionMall Albion Online Gold, the best price so far!

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Riders of Icarus: Rare Drops for Mounts

Ok im not going to say its completly insane. But im not going to say its perfect right now either.

I also want to point out that this is a multi point discussion to Buy Riders of Icarus Gold, im going to be talking about the rare drops to even attamept to tame a mount and the actual taming of said mounts being, at best, a little too random.

First the rare drops for attempting to tame mounts.

While i got lucky and got taslans rare mount item drop in the first few kills of the shaman’s… My father was not so lucky. it took him at best an hour to even get the book to attempt to tame taslan.

Im not sure what the actual drop rate is, but its freaking low.

Second point is something that im noticing when tameing a mount/pet, familiar if you will.

When tameing a mount or pet i’ve found the chances to be random with Cheap Riders of Icarus Gold. At first i was tameing passive mobs and thought that i found a way to almost always get the tame done…..
Then found out it was not the case, my thought was that jumping on the mount from the back would give you greater success then if you jumped in front of it, not the case.

I then tried an aggressive mob and let it atack me then jumpped on it, it seemed to yeild better success rates that way, but to no avail. Neither method worked for long as the randomness came right back to bite me in the ♥♥♥.

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The Blade And Soul in My Eye

Since when one server become one sided is fault of NC West ? Just because don’t have more channels ?

I came from a NCSoft Game called Lineage 2 one of the game with more hardcore and open world pvp oriented content, there clans fight for epic raid bosses that could sell for IRL money for thousands of BNS Gold (Valakas Necklace for example, not only this but also fight for hero status (that give money and power) castles and so on).

In Lineage 2 you know how many channels there was? just 1 if you wanted 1 spot to farm you had to fight for it and not “just change channel” carebear style (or go hide inside an instanced dungeon).

Is not fault of NCWest you are locked out of Misty Woods, is not their job put more channels just because of it.

The solution for this problem and for make the game more fun and with at least some open world pvp is the same it was in Lineage: us PLAYERS as community split sides and make the server full of fun open world pvp, just like many times you could see in Lineage2.

In Lineage2 ofc many times ended up one clan making alliances and zerging other side for can control the server and make profit, BUT also many times when the game/server become dead or not fun people start split alliances/clans for have some competition and Blade And Soul Gold. that is the solution and not put more channels so you can just farm in peace.

You should be happy in have “only” 3 channels, it’s our fault if server become one sided not NC West.

Even if we can find any reason that make it a problem of NCWest, honestly NCWest have much bigger problems to take care of first. And personally I am against any kind of decision that kill open world pvp, one thing this game lacks a lot already.

In Lineage 2 depending in the political situations of server you could be locked out an epic raid boss that droped a Jewellery that worth thousands of dollars for months or even 1 year+( or locked out the best xp spots, or hero status, or R4PG BNS Gold). When people was not happy about it they not go to NCSoft asking for more channels, more closed dungeons(there was not even 1 closed dungeon in game in the 4+ years I played it), more hero spots or more castles, you know what they did ? fight for it.

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To get past Blight you need to win a double RNG in BnS

To get past Blight you need to win a double RNG on the golden Deva. First you need to wait forever for the stupid Deva to spawn, then you need a lucky roll on the stupid wheel to get a weapon box not the pointless crap. Then it has to unlock the weapon for your class. Do the process enough time, while not getting much in the way of BNS Gold and XP, and not getting your weapon, you’d want to say to hell with it.

Not everyone gets a regional key in the surveys (I don’t know if it is a bug).

For my first character I bought one viridian, one cinderlands keys by NC coins, because I was trying to level to 45 in those 3 weeks we had for the event. I used the viridian one so I don’t have to rerun the ToE million times, and the cinderland one on the Golden Deva.

But, I was stuck for quite a while in the middle of the infernal at a levle 45, because it took me 28 tries to unlock Hujikar’s weapon. I did get the Moonwater key in the survey, so I used it on the another wheel, the Profane one in that horrible Necropolis.

So, your player most likely was locked out of progression by a case of F*ck you, RNG. Or, he might be trying to raise Blade & Soul Gold to buy a regional key that at 7 or 12 gold (I can’t remember) is beyond being affordable for most level 45-50s.

Today I was logged in doing my thing practicing and what not. So I thought I’d take a smack at good ol’ lobster looking RNGlord for the sake of it. There was a level 40 person trying to kill it and wasn’t successful. I assumed the person didn’t know the mechanics. That’s not what bothered me though…… What bothered me was the fact the person was still using Blight gear!!!!! And the person was using the Lycan soul Shield which imo isn’t that great. I could understand if somebody was in the process of upgrading stuff to Siren level and beyond. I don’t see a logical reason as to why a person would still be using Blight gear at level 40. Upgrading to Infernal gear is not difficult, just a bit on the time consuming side if anything. Am I hypocrite for thinking like this ,and does this show some form of a double standard?

I dont think so, hell when i was a lowbie and had bad gear i didnt even went to high level dungeons to get a free carry cuz i know that i would be useless and waste time of others.

I always try to upgrade my gear to a decent level and try to join the PUG’s (Yeah i dont have friends to do content with BNS Power leveling) but sometimes i see people like going to Yeti with Skypetal Weapon… Infernal Accesories. Im not an elitist but for effin sake theese people should have some self respect and think before queuing.

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Founder Basic Booster Pack breakdowns

Lemme break down some of the details of each founder pack for those still curious.

1) Gain access to All BNS Closed Beta tests this far. (Irrelevant since Betas are all over as of today)
2) 3 Day head start. According to the site, BnS launches Jan 19th, but founders can start on the 15th. That seems like a 4 day advantage but hey, i won’t tell if you don’t.
3) 2 Character titles, “Founder” and “Pursuer of the Wind” These are purely cosmetic I do believe.
4) 20,800 Premium Points (i’ll explain this below)

1) Gain access to all Closed Beta tests this fall
2) 3 Day Head Start
3) 3 Character titles, the 2 mentioned in Initiate + “Defender of the Ancestors”
4) 34,400 Premium Points (to lvl 3)
5) 30-Day Premium Membership (Will explain this below with Premium Points)
6) 1 Name Reservation Slot (Jan 11th, Disciples and Master founders get to reserve a character name to their account)
7) Basic Booster Pack (Contains healing potions, food, repair tools for starting out in BnS, personally i think mediocre)
8) 1 Character Alteration Voucher (Changes the appearance of your character. Not class, or name, just appearance.)
9) 2 Extra Character Slots (The more the merrier, and avoids having to buy them later)
10) 2,400 NCoin (Used in cash shop for buying outfits or w/e tickles your fancy)

1) Gain access to all Closed Beta tests this fall
2) 3 Day Head Start
3) 4 Character titles, 3 mentioned above + “Master of the Golden Path” basically to show off your $$$
4) 48,800 premium points (to lvl 4)
5) 90-Day Premium Membership
6) 2 Name Reservation slots (Aw yus)
7) Extended Booster Pack (Same as previous teir but comes with 50 dragon trade pouches, Hongmoon brilliant viridian key, and hongmoon brilliant cinderlands key)
8) 2 Character Alteration Vouchers, ya know in case you can’t decide on a hair cut
9) 5 Extra Character Slots. Cause you wanna play every class, right?
10) 7,200 NCoin
11) Unique Head Accessory (no idea)
12) Unique Weapon Skin (The axe does look like Dharok’s from runescape tbh. Kinda cool.)
13) Unique Costumes (Kind of cowboy looking for a male, or hot asian dress for females.)

Premium Membership + Premium Points
Premium Membership is essentially a subscription for benefits to an F2P game. You may be familiar with it in other MMORPG’s like Age of Conan and the likes.

Premium Points are basically like EXP for your Premium Membership. The more you aquire, the better it gets.

Membership gives you discounts to the Cash shop, as well as constant permanent effects to your game play. These effects increase with your Premium Rank, which goes up via Premium Points.

“By beginning a Premium Membership you start at Rank 1, and can then begin climbing your way up to Rank 10 as you accumulate Premium Points by spending NCoin and Hongmoon Coin in the Hongmoon Store”

Essentially, the more you use NCoin or Hongmoon Coin in the item shop, the better your membership gets.

What benefits you might ask? Anything from shortened cooldowns for some skills, to more Blade And Soul gold and exp while questing and fighting, to a whole lot of other stuff not even available for Beta Testers.

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Blade And Soul Mushin is Overpopulated

Mushin is overpopulated…even if it’ll die down a bit after a few weeks, but every new content will bring it back to massive queue! It’ll continue like this for at least months or a year until NEW servers come out. This is too much for me, I want to open my laptop and play the game immediately and not waiting in queue.

Defintely won’t pick the least populated server either…but a mid-high population server would be great.

I guess Poharan has more players than Jiwan now. Probably Old Man Cho server population is getting close to Jiwan as well…

Apart from the top 4 servers (Mushin, Poharan, Jiwan, Old man cho) would anyone recommend choosing a 5th/6th/7th server such as Iksanun, Master Hong or Soha or others?

Because some BR group on Facebook (I think it was) posted some picture showing 8 major BR guilds planning to make Jiwan their Cheap BNS Gold. It’s entirely possible that the reason you haven’t seen any BRs is because they haven’t been able to play just yet.

So I was doing ping test and the server tells me 180 ping, I’m like wdf that’s not right and then it switches to another server and says 400 ping. I forgot that I’m using a VPN that says I’m in the Netherlands

I’ll check in a few but thanks for the heads up! Not the only question is to RP or not to RP. TBH, I roleplay a lot but some people are just so hardcore it kind of imtimidates me so I’m just like nahh maybe next time with BNS Gold. I’ve also never RP’d in a game, I don’t quite know how it works…

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Kung Fu Master in blade and sould Play

The Kung Fu Master focuses on dealing two Buy Blade And Soul Gold types of damage: Fire and Wind. Not all skills will have an associated elemental damage, but those that do will have their damage increased with the selection of the right items; so building a focus around these damage types is advantageous in the long run, especially as you get to the endgame dungeons.

While in a party, the Kung Fu Master will generally keep the Boss focused on them, as they are only one of the two classes that can generate threat. That means the Kung Fu Master needs to be at the top of their game when it comes to both timing their counters and their dodge abilities to avoid damage, while still chaining combos to keep the threat level high. Since many of their high damage skills are only activated on certain conditions, Kung Fu Masters rely on coordination with their team members to line up combos. Miss a step and the Kung Fu Master can be momentarily ineffective.

In Arena PvP, the Kung Fu Master has to understand and anticipate their opponents’ moves to react in time. Countering—both with the skill named Counter, and in the tactic—is the Kung Fu Master’s strength. Being able to use their opponent’s power against them, predicting their Blade And Soul Gold actions, and out-maneuvering them highlights a truly skilled Kung Fu Master.

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