Instead of using the blade and soul OFC option checkbox

Optimize for combat (OFC) its a great option or rather idea that Blade and Soul has except for melees and tanks like me.You know the ppl that have to rely more heavily on iframes or running to get the hell out of huge AoEs its REALLY poorly done with BNS Gold. An example of this is Mak Sobo in 24man or worse 4 man East Fleet Supply Chain all of his AoEs are practically invisible with OFC enabled and frankly its frustrating you can’t see most of his abilities because of this issue and as such you get hit for 20k+ hp seemly at random. I know some ppl are gonna say well just play with higher graphical settings and problem solved but the whole point of OFC is to adjust setting automatically as you play but you cant have it making skills invisible, it defeats the point.

The 2nd issue is the Ctrl+F or hide characters, it kind of works but needs work it seems that Warlock abilities and basically anything with a sword (LBD/BM) doesnt care that you dont wanna see them and their skill effects still apply making it hard to see the boss’s animations and when he’s about to open a can of whoop ass on you especially in 4 man instances it becomes a serious problem to get Cheap BNS Gold. I’m a KFM tank main so these things are actually pretty important to me and honestly the class is hard enough to play with 70~ ping without stuff like this making it all the more “rewarding”.

Thanks for your time reading this post and if you agree comment or something and get the devs to respond and do something about this!

Instead of using the OFC option checkbox, I looked at the sliders that it changes when you check the option to Buy Blade And Soul Gold, and changed them manually. This didn’t help the fps drops and skill effects issue much.

There’s another setting that helped me out a lot though.
Graphics -> Advanced settings -> Effects view distance. When I set this to 1, I noticed a considerable improvement in fps (~6-7 at BW, ~10-15 elsewhere). Give it a shot, and hope it helps.

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