To get past Blight you need to win a double RNG in BnS

To get past Blight you need to win a double RNG on the golden Deva. First you need to wait forever for the stupid Deva to spawn, then you need a lucky roll on the stupid wheel to get a weapon box not the pointless crap. Then it has to unlock the weapon for your class. Do the process enough time, while not getting much in the way of BNS Gold and XP, and not getting your weapon, you’d want to say to hell with it.

Not everyone gets a regional key in the surveys (I don’t know if it is a bug).

For my first character I bought one viridian, one cinderlands keys by NC coins, because I was trying to level to 45 in those 3 weeks we had for the event. I used the viridian one so I don’t have to rerun the ToE million times, and the cinderland one on the Golden Deva.

But, I was stuck for quite a while in the middle of the infernal at a levle 45, because it took me 28 tries to unlock Hujikar’s weapon. I did get the Moonwater key in the survey, so I used it on the another wheel, the Profane one in that horrible Necropolis.

So, your player most likely was locked out of progression by a case of F*ck you, RNG. Or, he might be trying to raise Blade & Soul Gold to buy a regional key that at 7 or 12 gold (I can’t remember) is beyond being affordable for most level 45-50s.

Today I was logged in doing my thing practicing and what not. So I thought I’d take a smack at good ol’ lobster looking RNGlord for the sake of it. There was a level 40 person trying to kill it and wasn’t successful. I assumed the person didn’t know the mechanics. That’s not what bothered me though…… What bothered me was the fact the person was still using Blight gear!!!!! And the person was using the Lycan soul Shield which imo isn’t that great. I could understand if somebody was in the process of upgrading stuff to Siren level and beyond. I don’t see a logical reason as to why a person would still be using Blight gear at level 40. Upgrading to Infernal gear is not difficult, just a bit on the time consuming side if anything. Am I hypocrite for thinking like this ,and does this show some form of a double standard?

I dont think so, hell when i was a lowbie and had bad gear i didnt even went to high level dungeons to get a free carry cuz i know that i would be useless and waste time of others.

I always try to upgrade my gear to a decent level and try to join the PUG’s (Yeah i dont have friends to do content with BNS Power leveling) but sometimes i see people like going to Yeti with Skypetal Weapon… Infernal Accesories. Im not an elitist but for effin sake theese people should have some self respect and think before queuing.

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