How Do You Feel About BnS Community

It seems F8…or whatever the hell the cross server one is the source of a lot of problems. I mean let’s be honest. A person has a lot less risk messing with cross-server people since the chances of meeting them on the actual server is like ZERO. Now if everything was done within the server, the person would actually need to have their crap together some BNS Gold. Otherwise word spread, especially if it’s a smaller server, and before they know it everybody knows not to fuck with that person. Maybe I’m trolling myself and that would never happen anyway, but hey a mofo can dream right -,-‘.

-That moment when you thought you knew everything about a situation..but then a party member in 24 man E.Fleet Supply lays a bomb on you. They tell you Poharan is actually a guy. At that time my mind was fucked, but I found out later I had been a victim of trolling :(.

-I don’t think the entire BnS community is bad. What I think would be cool is if for a fee NCWest/NCSoft/TheCareBearNationOfUnitedPaws would allow people to transfer their character(s) to a different server on the same side. I was with an Assassin yesterday and they had to start up a new character on a different server since the recruiting wasn’t on the same server as their BNS Items. Also, would be cool to put most of the toxic people on their own servers so they can just devour each other and let the civil people continue to do things as normal. I think that’s fair right????

-I think some of the dungeon problems could get offset some if there was some means of a base gear requirement. I mean hell there is a level recommendation level, so I don’t see why a gear one would be that bad either.

NC SOFT: For the love of Malboro’s Bad Breath could NA/EU please get that optimization patch?? When there’s not a lot of people on my FPS open world stays in the 50s, unless there is a lot of stuff going on. When there’s a lot of people on though……man…..that FPS acts bi-polar. It’s not fun having 50 FPS one minute, and then like 15 the next. Also I get you all want to get NA/EU caught up to Korea, but slow down. We have lives too much R4PG BNS Gold. Focus more on the core problems first please. You will make lots of money if you do that. The cosmetics are addicting, and they sell like pancakes. Pancakes are better than waffles so deal with it. Thank you.

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