I tank angler yeti in Blade & Soul

I tank angler yeti (sometimes when I got aggro) and I daze yeti by myself when 90% 70% 50% or before he jumps during attacking cycle, I cast all iframe skills to dodge cruxes and decoy for protecting my party.

1 for daze with X(stealth) have short cool down, allows me to do cc on R4PG BNS Gold Store, yes, I have only one teammate who will just keep doing dmg while I have cc every time.

choke bomb is SO op because of the instant cast, you don’t waste time on casting poison breath and get into stealth to cast time bomb and return to decoy stance.

4 -> tab -> 2 -> 4 -> start ani canceling, before the 5 stacks of poison start on target, you already turn back to decoy stance. and poison breath wastes too much time.

by now one hit of my dark strike deals 14k, and poison breath is totally not compatible. by using choke bomb you are able to cast 3 or more combos because no casting time of choke bomb.

I farmed 2 men yeti with another FM over safe bns gold, and now we can finish yeti around 4 minutes. I know poison breath is good too, but not only one choice.

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