Blade And Soul Mushin is Overpopulated

Mushin is overpopulated…even if it’ll die down a bit after a few weeks, but every new content will bring it back to massive queue! It’ll continue like this for at least months or a year until NEW servers come out. This is too much for me, I want to open my laptop and play the game immediately and not waiting in queue.

Defintely won’t pick the least populated server either…but a mid-high population server would be great.

I guess Poharan has more players than Jiwan now. Probably Old Man Cho server population is getting close to Jiwan as well…

Apart from the top 4 servers (Mushin, Poharan, Jiwan, Old man cho) would anyone recommend choosing a 5th/6th/7th server such as Iksanun, Master Hong or Soha or others?

Because some BR group on Facebook (I think it was) posted some picture showing 8 major BR guilds planning to make Jiwan their Cheap BNS Gold. It’s entirely possible that the reason you haven’t seen any BRs is because they haven’t been able to play just yet.

So I was doing ping test and the server tells me 180 ping, I’m like wdf that’s not right and then it switches to another server and says 400 ping. I forgot that I’m using a VPN that says I’m in the Netherlands

I’ll check in a few but thanks for the heads up! Not the only question is to RP or not to RP. TBH, I roleplay a lot but some people are just so hardcore it kind of imtimidates me so I’m just like nahh maybe next time with BNS Gold. I’ve also never RP’d in a game, I don’t quite know how it works…

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