Yulan Magnolia Sap vs. Paulonia Sap in Blade And Soul

Don’t forget the items that are literally named one thing in your inventory and another on the AH/crafting screen. So you can’t even control click on the name to search for more, have to figure out what the right name is and manually type it in.

Which is weird because I could have sworn there were no issues like this in beta. It’s like they decided last minute to change a bunch of names and only found about half of the places it’s used R4PG BNS Gold. Yulan Magnolia Sap vs. Paulonia Sap or whatever the fuck it is, Tempered Clay vs. Snow White Clay, etc etc.

But yea, there are several places where the skill descriptions just make absolutely 0 sense. Like I have one talent point where the line it adds is just “all attack and defense skills for 8 seconds.” No verb, nothing. I assume it does something good for me, but there’s no way to tell without testing.

Yeah pretty much all the game should be translated because right now let’s just say I’m starting to feel the old google trad translation was better than the hard to understand bad fanfic and even harder to understand skill translations they are trying to sell us as “a localization that keeps the feel of the Korean release”…

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