Blade & Soul Experience Headaches

But the past couple nights after gaming on BNS ive been experiencing weird headaches, like it feels like its directly behind my eyeball. I thought this was just a personal thing but my friend from archeage who is playing with me, has also experienced the same thing. I was playing archeage before BNS and still log in from time to time, i decided to try to take a day off of BNS and see if it helped. From being on my computer for the same amount of time but not playing BNS i did not experience the headache.. which i had the previous 3 days before.

Im not trying to slander the game cause its one of the best mmo’s ive played. Im just trying to find a solution to my problem because when the headache hits me im down for the count. This is prob just me and my set up, maybe im too close to my monitor or somthing. But has anyone else experienced headaches after grinding for awhile on BNS?

It’s what some gamers experience with low FOV settings in FPS type of games.
B&S runs on a FPS engine and plays similar to one to Blade-Soul Gold. You’re probably building fatigue due to the default FOV setting of B&S being too low. Ideally, most gamers prefer something between 80-90 FOV (I personally prefer 100-110; but I am not subject to any side effects if it’s as low as it is in B&S).

I am not sure what FOV B&S is using, but it feels in the range of 60-70 FOV.

To my knowledge there is no way currently to modify the FOV of the game (Someone correct me if I am wrong please).
My best suggestion is to educate yourself a little on FOV (I gave someone some answers a while back: http://www.bladeands…f-view-and-you/ ) and to take breaks from the game every hour or so. Look away from the monitor and stretch your eyes by focusing on distant objects.

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