What Will Happen to Blade & Soul Gold

I waited for a long time as well (since a Trailer from 2008). Back than it was just the Graphics which i never saw before in an MMORPG (i mean at that time the most popular F2P MMOs where Flyff, Fiesta and Metin 2) and of course the “real time Combat”.

A year ago i just looked sadly at the Western Blade and Soul Homepage which didnt change since 2012 at all… than i saw a Stream of an Taiwan guy playing it and i tought it looks really nice, and some people said in the chat that on a page called “bladeandsouldojo” there is a Tutorial for playing it on Taiwan server. And than i finaly played it and i tought i would be dissapointing after so many years it couldnt be as good as i imagine, i mean C9 was so horrible after i played it first time same as Terra, Blade and Soul couldnt be diffrent…. BUT IT WAS ^^ and than i heard about the EU and NA release and i stoped playing the Taiwan server and just waited.

And right now im quite happy with it. For me it was an kind of 3D Fighting game anyway, so i wasnt that interessting in the MMO aspects.

Im just scarred that NCWest can’t handle those Bot waves, after all this year they still can’t get rid of Bots WITH SPEEDHACK… or those spammer. We need aktive “security guards” style patrols which ban Bots and BNS Gold Spammer.

Oh and im really salty about the Wardrobe not beeing free unlike on other server.

And Funny is i saw a big outrage about buying materials in Cash Shop and NC said they will remove it and they didnt and no one saying anything.

I’ve played on the chinese server for a few months. The only thing holding me back is if the crafting materials are rarer/more are needed, lower drop rate on the west than on the other servers. Could anyone playing please clarify this for me? The reason for this is from prior experience from other games, na/eu servers tend to be a lot more grindy and time consuming than their asian server counterparts.

Other than that what would make the game enjoyable for me is having a few friends/guild to play along with Blade-Soul Gold, though I don’t feel like being super hardcore as I already am invested in another game, and my interested have already shifted due to the passing of time.

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