Blade & Soul hes dmg is more complicated

Why I’m telling you not to compare them is because…grandpa mechanic is more complicated,hes skill range is more complicated, hes dmg is more complicated, hes clone is more complicated then the lame tigers,which actually they nerf (no more perma kd from cats running with 200 km/h).Mines one shotting etc…longer fight mean much higher chance to wipe there,let alone bosses have much shorter enrage timer compared to POH,and 2x hp.

They don’t need to nerf content. Our skill trees far surpass what other servers were able to do at their 45 cap. Especially now that they’re giving us KR’s latest skill tree along with BSH/Mushin. It will be cake.

And have you tried a Poh 4 PuG? Half of them fizzle out by the time they realize they can’t tank and spank Slashimi. If your concern is difficulty being daunting for NA players causing them to nerf dungeons, it would have already happened.

But guess what, you play nerfed content whether you like it or not enough Blade-Soul Gold, Poh been LONG nerfed, and KR recently nerfed one of the most complex dungeons, by the time NA progresses further, more content will be nerfed. LMAO

Love to see how NA gonna tackle Under Prison though, they gonna cry like little children like Taiwan cuz they went in with LEGENDARY WEAPON, SOUL AND PET? Will see.

And tanking assasin as FM was worse…poh is easy especially with the nerfed cats.I can tank Poh,cats and flower the noobs….not like I’m going to do this again anyway.

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