Full purple blade and soul Bloodshade SS set and around 390 AP

For those not remembering, it is the quest starting with you helping Madun bring the other Eight Masters to help with mobs. If I’m understanding correctly, OP is struggling with the double CC Jianghsi at the very end as an Assassin.

General tips: invest into skills that restore health, get as many CC as you can manage, unload Healing tonics as needed to Buy Blade And Soul Gold, iframe/evade when red AOE shows up, block/evade/deflect (?) if yellow AOE, stay within melee distance as much as possible because mildly annoying projectile otherwise.

Even as a Destroyer, that one was a bit of a challenge for me, but mostly because of learning his attack patterns and getting hit in the process. Was at True Profane weapon (with 25 AP Diamond), Awakened Infernal Accessories, full purple Bloodshade SS set and around 390 AP, so no crazy amounts of gearing up required to get it done.

Most times I dont even know how mobs/bosses fight, (from story quests anyways) because I stealth destroy everything. Make sure you are stealthing properly as you can literally stay in stealth the entire time.

Run to mobs and use RMB to go into stealth. I dont use lightning so do your RMB+F or whatever for 5ish seconds. Press ‘x’ (poison) then ‘1’ for shadow drain, to stealth again for 6 sec. RMB+F again for 6 seconds, after you get out of stealth immediately hit tab for hook kick to go back to stealth for another 6 seconds. Then you can do any of the below and repeat the above steps again:
Press ‘3’ while in stealth to stealth 6 sec
Press ‘v’ for stealth + boost 15 sec
Press ‘x’ out of stealth for stealth 10 sec
Press SS while in stealth + 1 shadow dash for steath 6 sec

I believe I had true infernal and dokumo ss when I did this. It’s not incredibly difficult. After you kill enough mobs and get Blade & Soul Power leveling, you just have to dodge around the attacks.

It’s true they don’t tell you the summoning ring kills you, but after dying to it once it’s pretty easy to follow the rules. I’m unsure what the issue is exactly. Is it a bug that the fire remains when you need to kill the boss?

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