Blade & Soul Client side files and actions are easily edited

Client side combat and anti-hacking are mutually exclusive. Client side files and actions are easily edited and modified, server side checks are much less so. Peer to Peer sounds terrible. In order to avoid connection issues with a lot of players, NCWest would need to have monstrous bandwidth. There is a reason LoL ditched the P2P client for just downloading patches. Blade-Soul was slow, not very secure, and got worse at prime time.

And lastly…the game isn’t meant for high ping players. It’s against the Japan client’s TOS to even be playing from anywhere not Japan. Why would they waste any resources fixing it for the high ping players it’s not supposed to have in the first place?

We do need to update this thread with the new 3.0 skills I think. Old FM had a lot of their damage on F, which was a channel and not very ping sensitive. New 3.0 FM has a lot of weaving to do, and quite frankly, it’s really frustrating playing at 190, as often my button presses just simply won’t register and skip a step, costing me chi and forcing awkward stalls and pauses in gameplay.

I’ve played every version of BNS that’s available and tested each class on said servers. I’m from Australia so in general I’m very used to high ping (Which should NEVER be the case but that’s another story) All classes are indeed VERY playable at 200ms just prepare to be disheartened when you see someone with low ping fight beside you. however if you’re geting close to the 300+ Area the game becomes unplayable as some bosses attack patterns can change on the fly with huge AOE’s ect.

In all honestly though if your hope is to do PVP your only bet is either destroyer or assassin as both have a lot of control over their opponents if played correctly and are generally more forgiveable when making a mistake ect. I really do wish NCSOFT would adopt a client side combat system and provide the game with a powerful hack shield to avoid third party tampering and then a Peer to peer connection in pvp to avoid the issues of Blade And Soul Power leveling, PVE should not be ping reliant at all EVER, it’s pointless other than the amazing syncing that comes with it. atleast an optional queuing system for those with high ping to atleast allow us to blade stance/animation cancel. GW2 is a good example of this, generally your first auto attack will be delayed but as you hold down the button it queues those next attacks, I know Blade & Soul’s combat is adaptive and situational but NCSOFT should atleast give us queuing or something on auto attacks as they’re the main way of restoring chi.

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