NCsoft could even promote this method

I see many posts about bots, what u need to do? Find good clan, set the best time for dailies and go to xdungeons with a clan, or if u have few friends and geared go in to dungeons with few friends. If u’ll do that then bots gonna get critical strike, because they won’t be able to leech. Arena bots? Enjoy free win, don’t let them win thats all, they will get like 20beans per match oh wow damn sooo much… if Blade-Soul won’t let them win, bots will get critical strike again, because there will be no point to bot.
Just play with your friends or find active clan, enjoy game. Since new patch incoming soon, enjoy that bots farm what is needed for weapon upgrade, price is lower and u can rush to true pirate. Just find good side of it 😉 Spend less time in forums flaming, and spend more time gaming and hit critical strikes with friends and clan against bots 😉 and about 3v3 go with your friends or clanmates, and u won’t get a single bot in team;)

bots only exist, because theres Such a HUGE base of players who Comitt to Soloing and Not being involved as Much as could be with other players around them, if players were grouping and More together as a community, bots would have no way into Content and the Wait times would be huge, they’d be forced out of the community and then out of the game… NCsoft could even promote this method

Allowing us to be Prevented from grouping or pvp against blocked players would mean we could Effectively as a Community Collect names and block them even create a FB Page which will name and Shame every bot every player encounters, this would eventually Deny the bots any method of progression or BNS Gold farming. software cannot prevent botting even wow suffers botting, its only realistically Implementations of Specific things and a Well gathered Community that’ll prevent bots access to this game.

as cult like as that sounds, its really the only solution, NCSoft cant nullify the reasoning to bot without completely removing grinds, or making the grinds Account bound preventing people from Selling those to make the money.

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