Blade & Soul: NCWest protecting racists with their own incompetence

So I screw up a windstride, now I’m stuck for two minutes, and I make the mistake of reading the verbal diarrhea that is faction chat. A player speaking in Mandarin is barraged with racist insults by multiple people with lines such as “speak english chink” or “speak american u commie”. I’m no stranger to this pathetic behavior in faction but rather than censorship I prefer to respond with my own words. I say “the hicks really come out early here huh?” and then finally the devious comment that clearly no eyes on faction should ever see again, “go fuck your mom before her gas station shift cletus.” I’m given a ban by the incompetent team of idiots randomly enforcing rules at NCwest, along with this email:


This message is being sent to notify you that a character on your account was found using inappropriate language or harassing other players, which is in violation of the User Agreement and Rules of Conduct. Spamming, the use of profanity, sexually explicit to Buy Blade And Soul Gold, and the like is prohibited in Blade and Soul, as is the abuse or harassment of other players. Because repeated violations of the rules have occurred on your account, I have temporarily suspended it for a period of 72 hours.

Character Name: George Carlin
Server: Munshin
Language Used: George Carlin: go fuck your mom before her gas station shift cletus.

Please be aware that if violations continue to occur, your account may be permanently terminated. I’ve included links to the User Agreement and Rules of Conduct below for your reference.

User Agreement:…r-agreement.php
Rules of Conduct:…-of-conduct.php


GM Josh
NCSOFT Support Team

I read their Rules of Conduct that are never enforced unless 3+ people complain, and it clearly states:
“You may not use sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive language.”

So I ask this GM Josh this:

Dear GM Josh,

I want proof that you banned all the racists I responded to as well, because if you can read your own Rules of Conduct which you so randomly enforce with Blade & Soul Items, they were all in violation as well. Otherwise, you expect me to inform the community over this.

All I’m given is a generic response and that the information requested is “classified”. Never did I ask for any POI (personally identifiable information), only if the people that also violated the rules were punished as well, and they have refused to respond on the matter. The only conclusion I’m left with is that rampant racism is okay as long as the rest of the community is cool with it, after all we can’t expect NCWest to take action on things in a sensible manner, only a sporadic and lazy one.

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