Can’t beat BNS mushin tower floor 5 as destro

Okay I have true profane axe and infernal accessories all max lv, crappy gems and moonwater set. With this I got the boss to 50000 health (maybe around 1/20 total health), I WAS SO FRIGGIN CLOSEEEE UGHH!!! so should i try farming the bsh/mushin sets that give crit. Not sure if it will help that much since fury gives me a lot of crit and i think the buffs around the boss give crit. Or should I save up for ap diamond gem? (Not sure if it will help a lot) Because once again, my gems are shtty.

One thing I do against the 5th floor is spec my spin for parry specifically so I don’t have to move out of the knockdown it does you can also parry his left arm slao and the other smack that is telegraphed Blade And Soul Gold. Like the other have said rage on CD. Another thing I do if I spec for quick slam and grab quick slam so I can wrath ani cancel whenever it’s up. The only thing that can hurt you at this point is his spin which you can block or just spin thru. Make sure to iframe the red circle and keep the dps up
I start of by walking up to him. Z, E, go crazy, when he gets back up 4. Usually he will SS after he makes it up. Then I 2, X, grab, slam, repeat. Keep him cc’d and always save V for after his red circle when he tries to catch you out.

On 5th floor. I’ll start off by naming skills, there is triangle skill, square skill, circle aoe, and red boom. I start by walking up to him tapping him then SS into the red crystal. I go clockwise around the room to crystals after this. After his triangle skill he always does the square skill. Let triangle skill hit you, but start spinning afterwards behind him so you don’t get hit by square skill. When he does circle aoe just spin with him. When he does red boom, CC him and take him to next crystal. Rinse and repeat.

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