Blade & Soul is amazing

I love the game. The success it has in Asia, here’s a recent exmaple, shows that it is both able to be competetive, fun to watch & just a beautiful MMO that most likely tingles a lot of people’s Spider-Senses when it comes to that genre.

In no regard am I trying to “bash” the game or being a pessimistic c**t about it. But, as good friends do aswell, one should be allowed to point out minor-major points of flaw or room to grow.

To me & my experience with MMO’s:
I am NOT a game developer, nor do I know how to program anything. I couldn’t “write” a calculator. So I actually do not know how much effort each “change” I’m going to suggest – it is not my goal to push through those changes and make them happen immediately, my main focus lies on letting the Dev’s know (especially those here in NA/EU) and have an awesome and active discussion about this!

Quick, in a chronological order what MMO’s I’ve played: Flyff (actually ashamed to even BNS Gold), Metin, World of Warcraft (Since Burning Crusade Release), Guild Wars 2, Neverwinter, Wild Star, Continent of the Ninth Seal

To my procedure on critizicing points below:
Generally speaking, I’d not only like this thread, I’m typing with my keyboard right meow, to be logical, structured, comprehensible and constructive; I’d also like the upcoming (hopefully) discussion about this to be sprinkled with said attributes.

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