Blade & Soul: Developing And Releasing

I am no expert but as far as I remember it was developed and released in Korea some where around 2010-2012? I am not entirely sure on the year so dont quote me on that. But yes western release was promised in 2012-2013 and for what ever reasons they didnt bother developing it for western audience and it died off.

But your notions of current release are totally false with Blade & Soul Gold. First of all they never ever said that they would full release the game by winter 2015. They have always said that it was going in Beta fall and then release in Winter… Winter being anywhere from December 2015 to March 2016. Second, all MMOs have these founders and starter packs and they all use this stress test and quality/data test their games on weekends and closed betas.. What is new about that? why bash NC soft for exploiting the same market demand? Archeage did it, people bought into the while ” I HAVE TO PAY 150 dollars to play in alpha” ALPHA FOR Fucks sake , it wasnt even a beta.

Even then 1000s bought the alpha packs even though the game was already 2-3 years old at the time and was already released a long time ago in Korea and Russia. Trion even used us paying player base to stress test the servers and even the game mechanics and what happend on launch? we got fucked by crashing servers , 9 hour log in queues and a totally different game then what we were promised or shown in alpha.

Professionally BNS Gold Seller Blade-Soul

At least with BnS we know what to expect based on the asian versions. And honestly even I am not clear why they locked CBT into weekends only , but it really doesnt bother me as the packs offer enough in terms of money value and not to forget head start alone would make it worth for me too. I hate fighting for mobs with a 100 different players at the beginning zones.

A closed beta isn’t supposed to be a place where the players can try the game before the official release, it’s supposed to be a DEVELOPMENT STAGE (note the development, the game is NOT supposed to be available for the public yet) where the devs and SELECT players can test the games functionality.

You want to play the damn game you’ve been waiting 5+ years for? Great, you can, you just have to wait until the RELEASE of the game. RELEASE. RELEASE! The stage of the game where it gets RELEASED to the public.

I don’t know what you want, are you complaining there is a closed beta to begin with? Would you rather have them just say “The game releases 2016, see you then.”?
The only thing I can fault NCSoft for is delaying the release date after having roughly 5 years to decide on one and you may need some Blade & Soul Power leveling. Yeah, that’s pretty shit, but the impression you have of what a closed beta should be (aka basically an early release) just shows how far every developer has gone with this fucking bullshit.

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