A review of Blade & Soul

The part where you talked about skills being spammy? I dont feel that. I love the skill system in BnS!! Unlike other mmos where there are shit tons on skills that your 12 button razor naga cant even be assigned to all the skills , in BnS there are 4 basic skills that combo off into so many different skills and I love how when you perform one skill it opens up other skills for the same hot keys. The combat is so fluid and combos are so damn fun to execute Blade & Soul Gold. Never before in an mmo I have performed so many combos that feel satisfying even on a low stupid mob. And this translates so easily into pvp as exactly the same unlike other mmo’s where they change the stats or some skills cant be used in pvp.

Also about not having gears in game. I actually much prefer BnS system of wearing costumes for armor. This was I am not forced to wear class specific ugly armor or settle for the best in slot armor for stats but look ugly.Their system of wearing any costumes that you like for any class helps you with making your char look good no matter what and its satisfying. They even have head gear , back items , etc to add more customization. Instead of gears we have bopae or tables which are your main stats for combat ( which i think you should have mentioned more about in the video) so basically there are 8 bopaes that are pretty much like collecting different pieces of armor for your class.

And yes I do agree the crafting system is easy but then again i personally prefer the crafting system. Its easy and you just order stuff from npc which i find much better than gathering and farming for stuff your self makes the game even more grindy and boring.

Other than that I do agree with some of the bad things like grindy quests and same old kill 10 of that or collect 10 of that etc etc. Also BnS has A LOT OF invisible walls that block you from getting Blade & Soul Items. Sometimes it just doesnt make sense. They give you the skills to fly glide and run on stuff but cant cross simple terrain at times.

But at the end of the day , the combat is fun even when you are fighting simple mobs. I like how you can fly and move fast in this game and there are no need for mounts. The art style is impressive and game looks amazing even though it was developed in 2009. I am excited to play the NA version and experience the game in english and having a player base that speaks english will make combat and pve even more fun.

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