Some Disadvantage of Blade & Soul

Ok since this is topic for critics I will focus on negative stuff rather then comparing good vs. bad.

1.Bidding system. I cannot emphasize enough how bad this system is. It’s something developed for korean market to make the game more grindy. You are entering instance/dungeon for a chance to get some items, because you don’t have means to craft/buy from game market. Here, you have to go in a dungeon with a lot of money to begin with so you can maybe get your Blade & Soul Gold and that’s not even the end of your trouble, because there are so many who will exploit this system so most of the dungeon runs you will get exactly nothing! This does not promote healthy pve experience at all, especially for casual and new players. Best reward system I’ve seen so far is in gw2 where everyone gets their share, and next is classic roll system with some options like in tera.

2.World PVP, Factions. This is too complicated for no reason, too many outfits. It’s simple really, if you want to pvp in open world ‘flag’ yourself for pvp and all that are flagged can kill themselfs all day long. Also like someone said before me I don’t see the point of factions at all. There will always be a stronger faction and more populated one, so there will be no balance in open pvp.

3.Gliding. This is not a critical issue like two before but it does effect overall gameplay experience. The game is so action packed and fast…running, jumping, dodging, fighting…and then you go gliding and it’s like you turned on ‘feather mode’. It’s so slow. Now I know they need means to slow down the game, they don’t want to give you 100% speed boost all the time so you can just run trough entire game, but this really stands out. It’s not really ‘in spirit’ of the game that you are moving like a leaf trough the air. It can easily be the same speed as running one.
All that being said this is one of most interesting mmos I played in a while. And if they menage to address few issues it has now, I’m sure this will be my next main mmo game.

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