What soul shields are you guys using

Actually, there are a few options you should look into.
Spider set from the level 45 spider dungeon will give you the highest crit rate at level 45. However, that being said, it’s not the “go-to” best option for PVE.

Lost Lyn Spirits gives slightly less crit BUT is better, more well rounded. It also gives you piercing which is important for penetrating defense. Dungeon bosses have high defense and pierce is more useful than just crit. The only class that can circumvent this is Summoner, since they have defense debuffs.

At 45, you can get the MAX crit from combining the two sets Lost Lyn and Spider by using Spider Set #1,2,3,4,6 and Lost Lyn 5,7,8.

Lost Lyn drops from 4 blue dungeons: Pig, Spider, Monkey, and Lost Lyn Ruins (the one with the gemini bosses) Spider only drops from Spider.

If you are all for PVP, then get the Moonwater Set.
REMEMBER you can REFINE your soul shield pieces!!!!! The best way is to…
Cheap way: Hunt Imperial Soldiers that drop white soul shields.
Expensive way: Use crafted soul shields.

The cheap way gives you lower stats, but it only requires your time and is well, really cheap. The expensive way gives you some BNS Gold, but is…expensive because you have to either craft the soul shield or buy it off market. The fees are expensive.
I believe someone from the Freedom guild already did the calculations for it. I’m only reiterating what older BnS players have told me.

I know you didn’t ask, but regarding gems,…get ones that increase your Attack. NOT Damage. Why? It scales better and you’ll see yourself killing monsters quicker with Attack gems than Damage gems.

Sorry if the names aren’t exactly on-point. I’m using the translated names from my playtime on the Taiwan Server.

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