Blade & Soul quest and NPC text is being ‘sanitized’

Notice how all of these SJW types happen to be in localization? Can’t outright ban the game so lets just sanitize it to BNS Gold hell. This is censorship plain and simple. The localizers have decide to police for you instead of allowing you to decide for yourself. All you are doing is stealing some clothes for a perv.

An unpopular opinion: When it comes back around to being right-wing chucklefucks again, the vast majority of right-wingers involved with GG will be suspiciously fucking silent, just like how an absolute fuckton of people fighting the right’s moralizing in years past have shut the fuck up or outright starting pushing authoritarian bullshit for the left.

I have no doubt that even in this sub there’s a lot of folks who think authoritarian media control is fine and dandy if it pushes their values and beliefs. This is not particularly discouraging to me; useful tools are useful.

I’m implying that we have been fighting the religious right for a hell of a lot longer than GG has been a thing. Libertarians are libertarians because we are for individualism, which is anathema to identity politics in any form. You are accusing us of supporting an ideology that we explicitly reject just because you support it. That is projection, period.

Yep and this is happening right now in manga fan scanlation groups as well. There’s a group who’s “sanitizing” Tokyo Ghoul:re because they don’t agree with the original authors decision on a female character who was dressing as a man. They wanted this to be a trans character but turns out she just had a phobia of being leered at by men and even clarifies she doesn’t have the heart of a man. Tumblr of course went nuts crying and accusing Ishida of “transphobia”, “trans erasure” and “triviliazing transgender people”.

So how does this tie back to the scanlation group? Well they took it upon themselves to purposely alter the script in order to keep this character “trans” when she’s clearly not. They also removed some “misogynistic” stuff they disagreed with Blade And Soul Power leveling. Yeah it’s free scanlations but it just goes to show their mentality and what they will do when given the power to do so whether hobbyist or professional. They don’t deserve these jobs if they aren’t going to maintain the integrity of the work.

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