Blade & Soul: Do I forgive NC Soft

Will I play anyways? Maybe. Two factors I will need to consider: 1) Will I be playing something better by the time this finally releases? and 2) Just how antiquated will the version that gets released be?

Warning: Incoming Rant
NC Soft dropped the ball on this one hard – crazy, mind-bogglingly stupid hard. There was enormous hype when B&S first released, but year after year, they provided no English version, and no information whatsoever. Year after year, we waited hoping for something, anything with Blade & Soul Items. The truly hardcore fans could attempt to navigate the labyrinthine maze of hoop jumping needed to play the CN or RU versions, but it simply has been too long; the hype has died as other newer (better?) games have come along. For a KR game to be well received in the west, it really needs to come out within a year of the KR release. (OK, 1.5 years would be acceptable for an amazing game, but that’s stretching customer patience pretty thin.)

We all know “westernization” is a load marketing BS. Very eastern games like B&S will have a niche audience in the west no matter what they do to the game. All that’s really needed for the majority of people who want to play this game is for the in-game text to be translated and subtitles for the cutscenes. Hire two translators and a tech person to make sure nothing gets broken code-wise. Six months later, done.

While I do appreciate good voice acting, the sad fact is most gamers, myself included, will skip past most dialogue and most cutscenes to get back to actually playing the game.(Personally I will almost always find the KR or JP voice files and swap them over so I don’t have to listen to the English voices, which generally sound so out of place.)

From the marginal information released thus far, it appears that we will be getting a very old version of the game. WTF?! Why are they even bothering working on such an outdated version of the BNS Gold? Why not take the current version (or a version very near current) and translate that? Instead it appears that not only will we get B&S far too late, but that it will be a version of the game that doesn’t have all the classes and bug/security/gameplay fixes and changes.

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