New to Blade and Soul/Blade Master

Long story short, some friends and I are looking to get started on NA BnS in January, so I thought to get myself briefed with basics on the TW server first (I can read Chinese), rolled a BM, then I proceeded to being absolutely clueless about how to properly play the class. I’m only level 20 so I know my skill set is incomplete, but still, I don’t feel as I’m playing it correctly. The only other action mmo I’ve played as dragon nest a long time ago.

I have searched some guides but they don’t make much sense to new players as they mostly focus on skill builds assuming the reader knows all the tricks and plays with Blade And Soul Gold. First few things the combat system caught me off guard is the lack of hit stun, the inability to dodge roll, and the slow movement speed in combat. There isn’t a button to put away the weapon to Sprint is there. 90% of the time the enemy and I were just plants on the ground trading hits and not moving.

Usually I deal with the field enemies this way: block then RB spam. However, I’m not certain if it’s a latency problem, but to successfully block I need to stop all other actions before it as it doesn’t seem to just cancel the current animation. I get the feeling I’m probably doing it wrong. As I would get overwhelmed when there are multiple enemies on me.

Then there’s the draw stance, how often should it be used? It’s a dps stance by the looks of it, but the regular attacks seems slow which leaves me more open to not being able to block properly, and what is the RB LB cancelling I’ve heard a lot about?
Also, the LB attack seems painfully slow, in fact, chaining any 2 different attacks together seems slow. Are there timed animation cancels?

Lastly, team play and boss fights. I just went through my first 6man dungeon and I was clueless, do I just use my AoEs and what not?

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