Professions (Crafting and Gathering) – A beginner’s Guide

I had the chance to play on CBT and having buddies who were so excited for the game they played on any non-official server they could find, so I’m here to give you some tips on the crafting system on Blade and Soul, which is in my opinion a little under-explained in-game.

Crafting in BnS is very hands-off, and requires mostly a time investment rather than actually going to a set location and standing in front of a forge for hours on end.

Your first interaction with professions will be at Jadestone Village. Here you will be introduced to the major gathering and crafting guilds to earn more Blade And Soul Gold. You’ll recieve a quest from the village mayor to talk to all available representatives and get your bearings.
Proffesions are split among 2 categories: GATHERING AND CRAFTING.
There are several gathering guilds; unfortunately I don’t remember their names at current, but they split up such as this:

The Trappers Alliance – Meat and Bones
The Stone Cutters – Stones
The Prospectors Union – Ore
The Fish Network – Fish
Herbside Service – Herbs and Flowers
Green Thumbs – Soil and Crops
The Tree Fellers – Lumberjacks

The Forgekeepers – Weapons
The Radiant Ring – Jewelry
The Silver Cauldron – healing tonics, antidotes & extracts
The Merry Potters – jars, pickaxes, & bowls
The EarthSeers – escape charms, polished shells, charms
Acquired Tastes – Food
The Soul Wardens – transformation stones & soul shield
EDIT: Big thanks to senorbozz for the correct guild names xD

When you decide which path you want to walk, talk to a guild member and sign up with them. Now, here’s the tricky part.

blade-soul gold store

Signing with a guild doesn’t mean you’ll be gathering the materials yourself. The guild will present its materials offering to you, you request the one you need and they charge a gathering fee to get it for you. You can also pay a delivery fee to have it delivered instantly to your location. This is very useful since most towns don’t have a guild representative, but can get expensive at lower levels when you’re strapped for cash. Conversely, you can pickup the materials yourself and pay a minimal fee to save some coin.

You can sign up with 2 different guilds, both gathering and crafting, for a total of 4 separate contracts. Once more, don’t go crazy with material requests as they can empty your cash pouch quickly.

A key point to understand is that these guilds are not self-exclusive, but COMPLEMENTARY. For instance, cooks need meat to make yummy dishes right? So, if you sign up with the Blade & Soul Items, it’s a good idea to sign up with the hunter/fishing guild so they can provide the meat you’ll need. Here’s a more clear example of complementing professions:

Merry Potters x Green Thumbs
You need to make a bottle for collecting water. Potters can make it, but they need soil to do so. Farmers can gather the soil.

Soul Wardens x Tree Fellers
You need a soul shield. Soul Wardens can make it, but they need lumber. Lumberjacks can chop it for you.

Acquired Tastes x The Trappers Alliance
You need bacon. We all need bacon. Hunter, get them piggies xD.

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