Blade & Soul: Costumes Are Character-Bound

As others have said, knowing that costumes are character-bound means that I probably won’t be purchasing any. If I could buy them and use them on whichever character I wanted, cool, I’d buy a few, probably more than a few, but if I have to buy a copy for each character, no thanks. Not at these prices. Although, if a single-character costume were really cheap, like to the point where buying enough to outfit half a dozen characters added up to the current price of a costume, then maybe I’d buy a character-bound outfit.

Changing the description in the store would be BNS Gold, since “cannot be traded” doesn’t sound like it means “character bound”. It feels a little tricky to not label them clearly.

Another game I play has gotten quite a bit of my money for exactly this reason, GW2 sells outfits that are unlocked at the account level, and has an account-wide bank that allows sharing of account-bound items. With that system, I’ve spent more money than I care to admit on gem purchases.

Blade & Soul

What’s this about paying to unlock the wardrobe? I was able to put stuff in my wardrobe in the last beta, but I didn’t mess with it much. Does it need to be unlocked for each character? If I also have to pay to use my wardrobe after paying for a single copy of an outfit…yeah, sorry, that’s just too blatantly greedy and expensive, I’m not spending my money on that.

Sidenote: Is there info somewhere on unlocking inventory and the wardrobe, and stuff like Blade & Soul Items? I have seen just about zero official info on the basic functions of the game, I’ve had to pick it all up by reading player comments in forums or through experimenting in the beta – experimenting in live sounds like it’ll cost me money and/or burn irreplaceable items.

I’m pretty sure most of the founder’s dont care much about the consumables or the pouches being account wide, its perfectly understandable for these to be a one time use thing, We do care about things like the weapon skin being use once on one character. It actually boggles my mind that the weapon skin is not account wide. We kind of already payed the “extra” for them to be account wide.

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