Four new NA servers in Blade & Soul

Four new NA servers, two new EU servers. I’ll be doing my part for the greater good and restarting my character on one of these new servers, since I don’t have TOO much time invested in it.

Level 20-ish at the moment, but I don’t mind one bit starting with BNS Gold. I like the game well enough that it doesn’t bother me. So hopefully everybody will benefit from this patch since it’s not merely an “AFK patch.”

Ideally the game is designed to support the additional and removal of new servers, because if not yeah, that’s going to be a problem. Frankly it shouldn’t be our problem though.

From a player standpoint increased cap is worse because of instability. If the servers can’t handle an increased load then it won’t matter if there’s no queue because we won’t be able to play anyway due to lag.

Most of what you need to do as a group can be accomplished through the cross server instances anyways. So it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. Unless you like a crowded server with crowded channels and people taking those mobs that you are waiting for to respawn. Lol. Lets face it, most MMOs are single player games MOSTLY. Then you get the dungeons of course. For the sake of the dungeons, they’ve got it covered. I’ve have never waited over 1 minute for a queued up dungeon.

I actually do like the crowded server and channels. I tend to just party up with other members doing the same quests I am and we just finish the quest faster.

I’m all for solo play, really, but I like the crowd. I think it comes from my first MMO being Maple Story and rolling on Scania back in the days where it was always “full” and you just had to spam to get it.

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