Addressing a couple things in Blade & Soul

They’ve already stated that the reason we haven’t received anything in the way of special balance changes (like increasing the HP count at level 45) for our version is because it is a very temporary state of affairs. As soon as HM levels and the corresponding HM skills are released, our balance will be MUCH closer to intended levels, simply because classes that were lacking certain important skill upgrades would now have access to them (FM in particular with their melee parry being a HM skill for some ungodly reason to Buy Blade And Soul Gold). Naturally, this will likely occur very soon after launch, making any special balance changes for our region largely moot.

Even the JP, TW, and CN versions don’t get these balance changes immediately. There’s usually a 1-3 month lag behind the KR version. Expect similar for us. (I personally expect we’ll get this particular update sometime in either February or March.)

No rush either way, since we’ll need to wait for HM skills to hit first before these balance changes really impact us properly (and then level 50 after that for better arena stat balance). I personally expect HM skills (along with Bloodshade Harbor 4/6/24m and Mushin Tower floors 1-6) to hit approximately a month after launch, and for level 50 (Silverfrost Mountains) to hit 3 months-ish (so in April). March will likely see Mushin Tower floor 7 and Spiral Labyrinth (dungeon for legendaries) released. Just my guess based off of the TW content schedule around its launch period.

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