Blade & Soul Install Issues

Let me explain how bloody bad GG is…
This happened to me today.
After last night nonstop reinstall of windows (got new hardware MoBo CPU)
Today I installed the rest of the Motherboard software/drivers.

So this afternoon yay let’s play BnS…. um what wait error 4049… (plus that GG also crashed)
So start doing the stuff you do with that error delete GG restart the game force it to redownload it, and….. nope error 4049 (sigh)
Is windows 8.1 up to date um not really … ok let’s get all the latest updates til it says no more updates..
Meanwhile Checking did I install all the latest drivers?…
Nvidia – check
Chipset – check
Audio – check
Network card – check
Sata controller – check
USB 3/3.1 – check

Ok all checked out… so windows update should be .. never mind 200 Mbps down and there shitty servers… can.t do it.. gonna be long wait
3 hours later and endless restarts windows is up to date… even start screaming to upgrade to win10… no fraking way..

Starting BnS… and….. FRAK.. error 4049 WTH
Ok reinstall of BnS
39 Min later fresh install of BnS let’s start it…….. Fraking error 4049 again!
So ok shutting down virusscanner.. nope error 4049
So where do I have to Buy Blade And Soul Gold….
Ok let’s shut down other stuff in the taskbar…
Displayfusion… nope error 4049
Synapsis… nope error 4049
Steam… nope error 4049
Google drive… nope error 4049
Nvidia Experience… nope error 4049 (yeah getting desperate now)
Nahimic for MSI… what wait EUREKA!!! we have lift off BnS is working again…..

So what is Nahimic for MSI, it’s a AUDIO ENHANCING, recording program for gamecapture/stream and audio recording.
Why on this holly earth is this seen as a hacking program…

Allmost 5 hours lost and a shitload of frustration because of a AUDIO ENHANCING program
Which is comes with my MoBo… go figure!

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