Blade & Soul: f2p will have to limit something

That really comes down to business model, f2p will have to limit something, else there’s no incentive to pay them any money. They chose not to sell stat increases in cash shop compared to other regions so some additional features had to become limited. Limiting wardrobe is basically inventory limitation, one of best things to limit imo. (See PoE)

I really dislike many aspects of f2p though. There will be ways to pay for an advantage, be it through gifting in cash shop, or like you say, gold exchange. Personally I think it’s very important for BnS in particular to be F2P, the artstyle and age scares a lot of people away. Had they put a price tag on for just trying the game as well, I don’t think many would’ve touched Blade & Soul Items. It’s really a shame. Blade & Soul, even with all it’s downsides, is so amazingly revolutionary and fun once you master the combat. It deserves so much more recognition than it has. It really is the first mmorpg I played where combat doesn’t feel like an annoyance you can live with due to the rest of the game making up for it. Instead it’s actually one of the greatest things with the game.

Its a balancing act to be sure as to what gets restricted and what doesn’t, but locking the wardrobe just feels like too strong of a push into VIP. VIP should be a nice option, but currently feels like a requirement, which isn’t a great feeling because then you’re looking at a monthly fee plus microtransactions.

I think they would make plenty of money just selling the cosmetics at their existing price point. If I didn’t have to worry about not having inventory space to actually keep them, I’d have bought some myself, but as a general rule i don’t allow myself to spend more than $15/mo in f2p titles, so that not an option.

The only thing I can think of is if they’re concerned because there’s a set number of costumes, and they have no direct development control to make more, so they’re trying to go for a recurring income option, but thats always going to effectively be a sub however its presented. That’s typically ok, as long as its either very optional, or cheap to offset having a storefront as well.

I like B&S as a game. I like the art style and I like the overall feel, but NCSoft, while not as bad as most by a long shot, still has an iffy rep with over extending its hand with this stuff at Blade-Soul. I’m all for people supporting the games they play, but people should be doing so because they want to do that, not because they feel like they’re being twisted into it. Sell your founders packs and cosmetics and such, just don’t compromise gameplay and fairness for profit (p2w) and be respectful with your offerings. That’s all I really ask for personally, but it so rarely happens.

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