The Blight Weapon Impossibility of Blade & Soul

Ok well we shall chalk this up to the most annoying RNG I have ever seen. I knew Korean games were grindy but this is just BEYOND BELIEF for me.
I am honestly starting to feel annoyed at having a Master Pack at this point.

But anyways I figure I try something else besides blade master at Beta 2. At beta 1 it took a spectacular 13 runs of Blackram to get a Blight Sword for Blade And Soul Gold. This was mostly due to RNG not dropping didly squad on the last boss and the boxes hating me.

Well surely the RNG has outdone itself with my Force Master.
Out of the 16 runs I have done on Black ram I have the following “results”

Number op Bangles Dropped: 0 (Even in a party with 5 freaking Force Masters
Box 1: Blight Axe
Box 2: Blight Razor
Box 3: Blight Axe
Box 4: Blight Axe
Box 5: Blight Razor
Box 6: Blight Razor
Box 7: Blight Axe
Box 8: Blight Razor
Box 9: Blight Gauntlet
Box 10: Blight Axe
Box 11: Blight Axe
Box 12: Blight Axe
Box 13: Blight Razor
Box 14: Blight Gauntlet
Box 15: Blight Razor
Box 16: Blight Axe

Seriously what the heck What is wrong with this RNG? I play a Force Master. Cut me some slack and if I am wasting EXPENSIVE KEYS then at least give me the item i need after 10 boxes. I am currently 16 runs in and I wasted keys. This is just beyond stupid.

Korean MMOs are a grind fest. But this is just absurd.
I hope that either:
A – Transformation weapons become tradeable
B – Chances may increase for finding a weapon based upon how many keys are used

I mean you are seriously expecting me to waste what? 30 – 40 runs in the hope that I can actually progress in the game? It would not be so bad to Buy Blade And Soul Gold for the fact that this basically stops you from playing further since you need better weaponry and stats to continue. Can we make the RNG less of a pain here?

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