Blade & Soul: PvE, Factions and PvP

Blade & Soul offers a PvE progression conducted by conventional bashing and gathering quests, regularly interspersed with scriptwriting phases to move between the various acts of the game. Numerous dungeons will also punctuate the progress, and will be a crucial aspect of player leveling. They allow players to obtain new equipment, as well as resources to improve their skills. If you take these dungeons lightly, however, you might be in for a surprise. They will constantly require a good team synergy for players progress through them. Players will always need to communicate, deciding on who will interrupt or stun bosses, and when will be the best time to do it. Moreover, despite the fact that the game does not have a healing class, a party with good teamwork can easily rush through a dungeon without suffering any damage. This is especially noticeable in high-level dungeons, where a trained team will have no trouble managing the most powerful creatures with well placed blocks and CC attacks.

Another of Blade & Soul’s strength lies in its confrontations between players. Unlike many other MMOs, PvP is here much more matter of personal skill than gear, the latter having virtually no impact on battles between players. This philosophy is also largely responsible for the success of the game on the Korean, Chinese and Japanese e-sports scene, where the Arena mode is widely acclaimed by pro-gamers. Once past the level 22, the player is prompted via the main plot of the game to choose a faction. Once the choice is made, they are given a faction-specific outfit that automatically enters them in a PvP mode against other factions when worn. There are also outfits reserved for consentant PvP duels, allowing players to confront each other without any PK worries. Regardless, wearing the PvP outfit and fighting other players allows players to gain rank, as well as unlock new gear and abilities. The game further encourages PvP through daily quests and Buy Blade And Soul Gold. The system is even more interesting because it allows PvE and PvP players to evolve side by side without making them confront if they so choose.

Finally, there are also the PvP arenas 1v1 (directly accessible via the F9 key). Players that enter the arena are matched together according to their equipment level, meaning that a level 20 character may very well fight a level 45 enemy, and win. The matches consist of three rounds of three minutes each where winners will receive a PvP currency that allows them to improve their abilities or equipment.

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